Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thirsty Thursday

Just thought, since tomorrow is Pumpkin Day - I would share with you my current favorite pumpkin drinks. Starbucks has a great Pumpkin Spice frappuccino - the cream based one, not the one with coffee in it. DELISH!! Joe Muggs also has a yummy Pumpkin Spice Frappe. I had a few last year - inside Books-A-Million, but haven't had one this year - yet. I'm hoping they'll have them in November, too. And while I'm at home and can't whip up a Frappe/Frappuccino on my own (although I have tried many times) I can make this yummy thing:

vanilla ice cream
pumpkin spice coffee creamer
ginger ale


I just scoop some ice cream and pour some creamer over it and add ginger ale and then stir it all up so it's kind of the consistency of the green ice cream punch you drink at baby showers. Well, actually not that liquidy - more like a milkshake, just not the thick shake kind of milk shake.

Anyway - just some yummy stuff I thought I'd share.

My next favorite drink is a WHITE hot chocolate. It's a hot chocolate with white chocolate instead of milk chocolate. So very yummy. Starbucks does it best. But sometimes they think you want a white mocha - which is totally different. It has coffee in it and I don't like it!! I also have the Belguim white chocolate mix from Disney and it's yummy, too.

I had one of these yummy things last night at church. We had a wonderful night!!! And it wasn't the hot chocolate!! Last night we had almost two hours of music!! It was really cool. They were recording the music for a live cd and dvd. I can't wait to hear the CD - it's going to be fantastic!!

Well, Cole is asking for his turn on the computer, so I guess I should go. OH - I just heard the garage door - YEAH - Jason's home early!! We're heading to the library tonight for the Halloween party!!

later, lisa

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Scrappinwendi said...

I am loving Starbucks Hazelnut Hot Chocolate. I am not a cofee drinker so I have to get the cocoa. LOL! Have fun at the party!


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