Thursday, October 23, 2008

Where has the time gone?

Do you know how many days we have left before Christmas? My gosh!! It's only 63 days. I only have four things purchased and they are all for the little monkey in the house. I have a few ideas for other things - but not many - not even half and what I need to come up with. It's so hard to shop for people.

And Halloween is next week!!! WOW!! Cole had never been a fan of Halloween. He has been scared to Trick or Treat since he's been old enough to remember going. We've always made him go - but he doesn't like it. Jason ends up carrying him up to the door most of the time - well, walking him now since he's too big to carry. Cole barely says Trick or Treat and then turns to us and says 'can we go now?' - he just hates it. He started about a week ago telling me he's nervous about Halloween. He doesn't want to say Trick or Treat - he just wants to say Hi!! He actually has a pretty cool field trip on Halloween. The class is going to Rickwood Caverns. It's cool - but we did it last year. It was tons of walking for him though - stairs in really narrow places where I had to be behind him or in front of him and it was hard for him to do so much. Also, the parents have to drive their own car - not enough room on the buses - so he didn't like that I couldn't ride the bus with him. So we decided this year to skip it and not go. I'll just keep him home that day. I've been looking for fun things to do locally and I know the library always does fun stuff and some one even told me you could trick or treat at Publix. Crazy!! So I talked to him about it last night and he still isn't sure but once I told him he could wear his Buzz costume all day - everywhere he went, he agreed!!

He is a crazy kid!

We have a vacation coming up in December - he's going to FLIP OUT!!! Seriously flip out!! I can't wait. We want to tell him so bad but he still doesn't know we're going anywhere. Can you guess where? It's our favorite vacation spot. YES - it's Disney World. We have reservations at our favorite places for meals and one new spot, too. We're going to see the Gingerbread House at the Grand Floridian - we've missed it in the past and I can't wait to see it. We're doing Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party too!!! I can't wait to wear my Minnie Mouse Santa hat - big polka dot bow and Minnie ears. I feel like the little kid in the commercial - he says "We're too excited to sleep" - but ya know, we've got 51 days - so I think I'll need to sleep a bit between now and then.

Well, time to go wake up the sleepy head and get him ready for school. It's supposed to rain today - we need it, but I hate rainy days. I have a few shows on the DVR that I need to watch and I'm hoping to get some scrapping done - a few layouts for my Design Team work at Scrap Etc and then some fun trading cards for a swap at Scrap Etc too. Those are my very favorite thing to do right now. Oh and I have a meeting this afternoon too and it'll probably be pouring down rain and my umbrella is at Scrap Etc - but I'm in Jason's car today - I bet he doesn't have one anyway!! rats!! At least in my car, I have Cole's little umbrella as a back up. I guess I could just make a trip to the scrapbook store, huh? :)

Hope your day is wonderful and everyone stays safe in the rain!!


Michelle said...

Dalton used to go up to people's doors and, I can't remember if he actually would say 'trick or treat', but he would announce to everyone that he was allergic to peanuts and he couldn't have anything with peanuts in it.

3QTGUYS said...


I am jealous just thinking about it.........and I will be there in a few days, and I am still jealous! And happy for you at the same time! I love it!

**Hey, here's a thought: Do you need me to pick up anything for surprise him with?


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