Monday, October 20, 2008

The house is safe snake...........we think.

I'm still pretty freaked out - anxious that I'll walk in a room and see another one - mostly just the room I saw that one in. I've only been in there with Cole or Jason - not by myself. And I really wish Cole would stay out - but Jason swears it's safe. I'm praying it is.

It was a chicken snake - not a copperhead - so that's a relief - I guess.

We've had so much going on lately, first my friend's funeral last week, which was just horrible. So sad. Then Saturday morning my Aunt Kathy called - more bad news. My second cousin's wife died Friday evening. It was sudden - so either a heart attack or an anuerism possibly. They don't know. Very shocking!!! She was so sweet to me. I have many emails saved from her where she had wonderful things to say and us and Cole and how proud she was of us for all we'd been through. Her grandbaby, my fourth cousin, I guess - is also a childhood cancer survivor. She was diagnosed with retinoblastoma and has been through treatment and will have her eye removed later this year. Poor baby!! All they've been through and now this.

So please - keep all these people in your prayers. It's so hard - loss is painful.

I'll be back later this week hopefully with some nice fall pictures of Cole - his school pictures were terrible, by the way. I hope to get lots of shots this week. Saturday, I'm hoping to spend the day at a conference at church!! Crossing my fingers it works out. I'm really excited about that.


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