Friday, October 31, 2008

The end of October............

And there are only 55 days until Christmas. WOW. I still only have four items purchased. WOW. I still have so much more to do for Christmas. I did pick up a pack of Tim Holtz Fragments and am planning to take care of about 10 Christmas gifts with those. I've got to get working on that. ASAP. I'm taking a class next weekend and that will show me how to make one thing I'll give a few people for Christmas, so that will make it easier for me to cross some things off my list.

Next weekend is Wrappers Delight. It is sure to be filled with lots of Holiday inspiration. I hope I can come up with a few more ideas once I'm there and check out what everyone else will be working on. I really want to make Christmas cards this year. I say that every year and never do it. So maybe this year will be the year. Maybe!!!

I spent the morning yesterday at my mom's working on cookies. Christmas trees and stockings. They are so cute. I need to take a picture and post it. Yum Yum!!

I spent two afternoons this week working on my own version of this. I saw Alie Edwards information last year on her Daily December album. It was so cute. I loved the class that Shimelle did last Christmas, too. I didn't have the funds for the class, but watched what everyone else posted and tried to follow along. I made an album and was very disappointed with it in the end. I think there are three pictures in it, that's it. I was using stuff I already had and it just turned into a cheap ugly yucky album. So I thought this year I would try again. I raided my stash. I pulled out everything I had in reds and greens. All my previous Christmas paper got pulled. All the good basics, too. You know, white and black cardstock. I spent a good hour or two at Scrap Etc cutting out things on the Accucut for pages. I know Alie's is a little more streamlined and simple in design, but I love the Accucut. I love the idea of having different pages through an album. That little mixed up die that Accucut has is the best thing ever. I love it. Anyway - I have one album put together - it's bound and ready for page numbers. That one is for my secret sis net weekend at Wrappers Delight. I have to finish assembling mine (hopefully today or tomorrow) and then get it all put together. I'll take pictures and post them soon once it's all ready to go. The only part of Alie's plan I can't do is printing my pictures each day. My printer is out of color ink and I'm out of photo paper. So my plan is to keep my album, a pen, and a notepad on the table through the 25 days and just journal in my notepad, rip it out and stick it in place and make a note of the photo I need printed for that day. I hope to print pictures once a week at least. I don't want to get off track. And just in case my secret sis is in the same boat, I think I'll include a cute pen and a nice notepad, as well. The bad thing is I still owe my secret sis one more gift for this month and I've totally spent all kinds of time working on the next gift, instead of this one. I need to finish it up today and get it in the mail.

I've got a lot to do - why am I here??

We didn't make it to the library last night. I had a terrible headache I could not get rid of. Tylenol, sinus meds and Aleve just didn't touch it!! This morning it's better, but now I feel that little tickle in my throat - the cold is coming back. Cole got it first, and then Jason so it was bound to happen to me. I was working in Cole's room yesterday afternoon and his teacher came in and I was blowing my nose, again, and she said 'are you crying? are you ok?' I told her I was just stuffy and had a headache - sinus pressure and all that. She said 'are you sure?' I must have looked like I felt I guess. My head was just BLAH. Anyway - no library party last night, but we will go trick or treat there today. And we're going by Toys R Us to trick or treat. And probably Publix. Plus I need to go by Scrap Etc and take back the Slice I've been holding hostage all week. Not really holding it hostage - but playing with it - lots. I've cut out lots of stuff. It is really cool!!! And I need to drop some stuff off for Wrappers Delight.

So me and Cole will be busy today. He's skipping school since the school is on a Field Trip he wasn't crazy about. He went last year and it was ok but it's lots of walking and stairs and that just wore him out last year (and me, too a bit - it was hard work). Anyway, the caverns will survive without us.

Have a Happy Halloween. Hope you get good candy!!!


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Virginia said...

An idea for your December album, if you don't want to have to keep notes organized and such, you could start up a "December blog," and update it every night, complete with photos that correspond. That way when it is time to print stuff, you already have your photos selected to go with that day and labeled.

I think that's what I'm going to do!


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