Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tidbit Tuesday

Do you know what a tidbit is? The real definition is: 1. a delicate bit or morsel of food. 2. a choice or pleasing bit of anything, as news or gossip. As much as I could love to share a delicate bit or morsel of food here on the blog - I think I'll go with the second definition instead.

So here are some pleasing bits of anything!!

THIS wreath is my FAVORITE part of my Halloween Decorations.
I've had this for several years and almost forgot to put it out this year.
Little bitty eyeballs looking at us. Cute!
And my most favorite layout I've done lately:

So the journaling reads: i luv u more than the stars in the sky, more than the sand at the beach and more than the water in the ocean.

This is something I've always said to Cole and we add things to it occasionally.
Currently I also love him more that the fish in the sea and the leaves in the trees.

Another tidbit here. This is one of my current 'starred' items in Google Reader:

I saw Alie do this last year on her blog and I loved it but never did it.
This year I'm thinking about doing it!!

Another tidbit:

This is so yummy!! I love Chex Mix - and I'm thinking this is a special edition
kind of thing And I should buy lots in lots for fear it won't be around forever!!

That's all the tidbits I have for now!


Boo and Hooties Mom said...

Love the layout...best one yet!!!!!

Amy said...

Hey Lisa - that wreath is the cutest ever!!! Did you make it? I want one :) love the layout too - and I better stay away from the Chex Mix... looks way too yummy :)


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