Sunday, October 5, 2008

It's been a crafty day.

I've been playing in my studio today. FINALLY using some of the new product I have. I finished up three layout I'd started a while back. I did a few more layouts - two, actually. I made some cards that you can't see yet. And earlier this week I made a cupcake!! Well, two cupcakes, but one is not very cute. And they aren't edible, sadly!!

This picture is totally staged - but ONLY because I couldn't get a picture the very first time he did this. Cole has played with rolling down the windows before but has never stuck his hand out of the window. I was following him and Jason home one night, after meeting for dinner. I saw Cole's little hand poke out the back window, but my camera was in the back of the van - so I missed capturing it. But, I did smile all the way home - it was so cute. So one day last week, on the way home from after school care, I stopped on our street and jumped out and took a picture before he rolled the window back up!!

Did this one at a crop at the store a while back. This was Cole just taking a little break at the zoo in Memphis. He had to have this particular type of Capri Sun because the Naked Bros. Band were on the box.

This cute little couple below may just be the future Mr. and Mrs. Cole Tanner. This is Maggie, my friend Michelle's daughter. Her and Cole were so so silly, I just had to snap a few pictures. I didn't get a single one that's normal - instead I got a bunch of silly faces. But they are SO cute, it doesn't really matter!!

Did this one today - just love the picture of me and Cole - I don't get too many, since I'm usually taking the pictures. Used a little U2 for inspiration on the title.

Finally got the first day of school taken care of - and used a fun little Piggy Tales Barn Door.

This was inspired by Virginia - she did a layout a while back that prompted me to do this one - just about what Cole may be later in life.

That's all from me today. Jason's taking a break from homework so we can watch last weeks House.



3QTGUYS said...

Lisa, those layouts! So cute!

That cupcake!!!!!!!!!! You know I am gonna beg you to show me how to do that!

Scrappinwendi said...

Lisa I am loving that Cupcake. It is so darn cute. I love the paper you used on the Chillin page. What line is it?

Michelle said...

I L.O.V.E the cupcake!

And the page of Maggie and Cole...*wiping tear from my face* I need copies of those pictures, or if you want to do a duplicate page......

And been singing "Sweetest Thing" for 5 minutes now.

Your work is beautiful. :)

Virginia said...

I love all of those layouts, but... dude. That cupcake. Oh my. Seriously adorable.

The journaling on the last layout is so sweet! I'm glad I could give you a little "inspiration" (although I really think that it can be just considered sharing ideas with other creative souls). :)

Tina said...

Loving the cupcake!!!! All of the projects are great, but the patience of making that cupcake, you go girl!

Katie Burnett said...

What great LO's and what a yummy (non food yummy) cupcake! How precious is Cole?

gimmegodiva said...

Love love love the cupcake!!!!!! Creative cafe project in the future???!!!!


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