Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I owe Kenny an apology!

I've said numerous times lately that Kenny has been replaced - with Matt. While Matt is wonderful - love his voice, very easy on the eyes - Kenny is still KENNY!! I think the problem was that it has been way too long since I heard new Kenny music.

Well, today that changed. Actually over the weekend, that changed. On CMT Insider Saturday Katie Cook did an interview with Kenny about his new CD. GAC also had a cool show on yesterday where Kenny did some acoustic versions of the songs on his new CD. Most of those were done on an island or a boat, with two of his band members. Both shows where great. Katie Cook always asks the good questions - the things you really want to know but wouldn't ask yourself. You know -who the girl was at the awards show, how he really dealt with the divorce - etc. He doesn't answer them all - but it's funny to see him get out of answering them. Anyway, both specials were really good and I love that Kenny lets you see a personal side of him through his music.

It's not really a secret that I have a deep respect for musically talented people. I wish I were musically inclined - just a teeny bit - enough so I could sing and people not cringe. Remember the movie My Best Friends Wedding? Cameron Diaz does a horrible karaoke song and it's bad, really bad - but the guy loves her anyway. Well, the singing part is me and while Jason loves me anyway, he would probably prefer not to HEAR me. Anyway - I love music. I love that someone can sit down with a piano or guitar and play something that usually comes from inside somewhere - their heart, their soul. I love that people can hear a song and use their talent to just play it - without sheet music. I'm a sucker for a guy that can sing and play an instrument. That's why it really doesn't bother me at all that Cole wants to be in a rock band when he grows up. He would like to be in one now, actually. It doesn't bother me because some sweet girl (who we will certainly approve of one day) will swoon when he plays the drums. That's awesome!

Anyway - I love music. Period. End of story.

So, the reason I owe Kenny an apology would be because I was so easily swooned my Matt Nathanson that I didn't realize the Kenny is still swoon-able, swoon-worthy! That's because I had not heard the new music.

The first song on the CD is called I'm Alive. Dave Matthews sings with him. It's good - it's great, actually - just the thought that being alive is enough! I think my favorite song is Down the Road. Mac McAnally wrote this song and sings with Kenny. Mac also wrote one of my other favorite Kenny songs - Back Where I Come From. In a previous life I was a huge fan of this song actually sung by Mac. Now that Kenny does it - double bonus! Mac McAnally sings and writes with Jimmy Buffett, too - in case you didn't know, and we're big Buffett fans, too. AnyWAY - the song is just simple and sweet. Guy falls for girl 'down the road', her parents what to know if he can take care of her 'down the road', they have a baby and she grows up to fall for the guy 'down the road' and they want to make sure he can take care of her 'down the road' - just simple simple stuff - but sweet.

There's always something a little crazy on a Kenny CD - and this one is no different. He sings about going to bed with a ten at 2:00 and waking up at 10:00 with a 2. Crazy stuff - but typical Kenny fun song.

His voice is really beautiful. I would LOVE to just sit in a room and watch him play the guitar or a piano (although I've never seen him play, I know he can) and sing - to me. I would swoon, I'm sure. And so many people think I'm nuts and that I just think he's hot. To them I say simply - WHATEVER. The man has talent. Talent to write beautiful songs that show you a piece of his heart, talent to play music that makes EVERYONE in a stadium jump up on their feet and move, talent that helped me through a really hard time in life, talent that just speaks to me.

I've never really just LOVED the beach. I'm not a lay out on the sand kind of girl. I'm not a go swimming in the ocean kind of girl. I'm not even a put on a bathing suit kind of girl. But, I'm a love to look at the waves and feel the breeze and smell the salt water kind of girl. If I can listen to this CD in the background, while I'm doing all of that - life would be so sweet.

I can't complain though, I'm Alive!!



Amy said...

oh is new album has some good stuff on it! i heard one today. man, he can make any girl's heart go pitter patter.

Michelle said...

glad to hear that you are getting a new cd. My new cd has been delayed to next year. :( Actually good and bad.... Bad because I want it now. Good because that mean tour after we move back.

I hope Cole is in a rock band. Maggie would definitely swoon. ;)

john said...

if Cole does the rock star thingy... can granddaddy be his driver ???



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