Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Day in the Life of a Space Ranger

Yesterday was loads of fun for us. Cole was out of school and had big plans to go everywhere dressed at Buzz Lightyear. I had to run a few errands first and wanted Cole to not be Buzz in those places - so the transformation took place at the scrapbook store. And I have no pictures to document this part of the day - but the rest of Buzz's adventure's are here for you to check out!!

Buzz riding in the car - you did know space rangers wore cool shades, right?

Ready to protect the library from the Evil Emporer Zurg.

First Trick or Treat stop (and the only one here at the library).

Space Rangers like to play at the library.

Space Rangers take breaks, too - and read Charlie and Lola.

They check out their books.

They also look for Zurg, just in case he's hiding outside.

Then, Buzz climbs in the car.

And then all space rangers listen to their favorite cd in the car.

Next is the all important stop in a space ranger's day - Al's Toy Barn. Ok, not really - Toys 4 Us. Yes, my little space ranger calls it Toys 4 Us. He seems to think the toys in the store are all for him!! :)

Hard to believe - but space rangers are scared of this guy!!

Buzz in the parade. It's no Block Party Bash - but it was fun.

getting some treats. Buzz likes the M&M's!!

Buzz picking out things he wants Santa to bring.

That's about all of Buzz's day. By the end of the toy store parade Buzz was hot and ready to get out of his costume. So we slipped it back off in the car and finished our errands. We had to have a Happy Meal, buy some coat hangers and head home. So a good Halloween day was had by all. Last night we just hung out at home. He did not want to go anywhere and do the real Trick or Treating!! Maybe next year!!


Virginia said...

I LOVE his adorable little self in that Buzz costume! So cute! I especially love the library pics- those are really great!

Glad y'all had a fabulous Halloween!

Katie Burnett said...

We had a Buzz Lightyear at our house too! He reallllly wanted to wear his costume all day but I said no. I'm a mean mommy.

Scrappinwendi said...

What a cutie patootie! Sounds like Buzz had quite a busy day!

Michelle said...

Those are the cutest pictures I have ever seen. Absolutely adorable Buzz!


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