Monday, June 30, 2008


Happy Monday to you!
Happy Monday to you!
Happy Monday Everybody!
Happy Monday to you!

Do you know why this is a happy Monday? Well, it's simple really - it's followed by a short work week and a holiday! WOO HOO! Not that I actually 'work' outside of the home and have Friday off or anything - but it's always exciting to know Jason has a day off - and more exciting when we get to do something fun with our off day!

We had a busy weekend and a busy week planned too. We went to church yesterday and it was a great message!! We enjoyed it as always. Had some friends over (Monique, Jer and the girls) for a little play date and cook out. Cole has been wanting the girls to come over forever. He loves them!! We introduced Monique and Jer to the Wii Bowling. I think it was fun but maybe a bad thing - they are a bit competitive and I'm guessing it'll be some time in 2009 before Monique stops reminding Jer that she beat him - TWICE. He won one game and by a larger score - but still two is better than one, right? It was really funny to watch. Jason kept trying to mess Monique up by talking about work, DisneyWorld - anything to break her concentration. We love our Wii but don't play it with others often enough - its a lot more fun that way! I really really really want RockStar for the Wii, but I'm not sure if I'd play in front of anyway. No one wants to hear me sing on my own - I promise. We've been working on our Wii Harry Potter game but it is so hard. I guess that's what happens when a Muggle tries magic. Last night I got some scrapping done as well - finished a layout, another one is almost done and I played with another that I'm STILL not happy with but I don't want to just trash it - I like the paper. What's a girl to do? Then we watched Superman Returns. It was pretty good. I just don't remember all the original Superman movies that well and I just don't understand why NO ONE NOTICES the resemblance between Clark and Superman. NO ONE NOTICES that the two are never in the same place at the same time??? Come on!! And have you ever noticed that DC Comics does the double letters a lot - (at least the same beginning sound) Clark Kent, Lois Lane, Lex Luther - then you have Peter Parker - ok well I can't think of anymore than that - maybe it's a coincidence. hmmmmm

Today - I MUST GO GET MY NAILS DONE - they are sad and pitiful. I just haven't made it a priority and it's been over four weeks since my last fill in. Sad news, huh? Tomorrow I'm having lunch (I think) with Carol. We've been doing this Tuesday Lunch thing for several weeks now. We meet somewhere (usually near a scrapbook store hee hee) and chill a bit, eat a bit, talk a bit. Since it's summer, the kids are involved and where ever we eat usually has a play place of some sort. Everyone's happy that way. Mommy time, kiddo time, scrapbook supplies near - as Martha would say - "It's a good thing." Carol and I are the only regulars though - we pick up a n additional mommy here or there every few weeks. It's fun!! Wednesday night our church is having a big Fourth of July celebration and we're planning to attend that. Should be fun but we may skip the very end - it's fireworks and while I love to see them, I hate to force Cole into experiencing them. So we may head out right before those start.

And Friday is the BIG DAY! Everyone in the family is coming over here for the fourth! I'm excited. I haven't had the family over - EVER. So the aunts, uncles, cousins, etc - will all be here. Jason had planned to go out of town this weekend with the guys to Atlanta for a little golfing, a little Braves action - but most of the guys have backed out sadly - so it looks like we'll have him to ourselves. :) YEAH! Not that I mind the guy time - it's just nice to have a long weekend and all of us be here.

i have a million projects in my mind right now - things i want to work on and make and just haven't made the time to start ONE of them yet. i need to get busy. summer will be over before i know it and it'll be back to subbing it looks like - darnit. i really want to be planning my classroom and decorating it instead of my home!

ok, enough rambling - later


Michelle said...

Ok, when we come over in August, will you play on the Wii with us?

And you know, I was wondering the other day if you still got your nails done.

Monique said...

We had soooo much fun...the girls kept on talking about how much fun they had as well. :) I'm just sad we didn't have time for the carnival's been forever since I've played video we never discussed who would be partners in cards...hmmm, we need to be thinking on that. :) Alright, I'm back to studying...I'm being bad right now for taking a break. Thanks again for having us over. :)

TheDavisBunch said...

Love to join you for lunch one week. LOVE your playlist. A little early 90's action going, huh?????


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