Wednesday, June 11, 2008


The luggage has been found - but not by Disney. By Delta? you ask. Nope - not Delta either. A lovely American Airlines employee phoned this evening to let us know our baggage was in Portland. That's no where near us - in case you weren't sure. It's also no where near Orlando either. But, evidently, someone from Portland was also at our Resort and our luggage got tagged with their info - at the Resort. So, Walt would be very disappointed, I think. I am.

So when Joe calls tomorrow, I'll let him know that some wonderful person in Portland who is in no way affiliated with our airline found our lost luggage and is having it sent back (through Atlanta, of course) and we should have it by tomorrow afternoon. I fully expect our next Disney trip to be on the house and at the resort of our choosing - The Grand Floridian - of course!! :)

Ok, so I don't really expect a free trip - but that would be nice huh? Thank goodness my Yellow Box will be returned to me, as well as my fabulous shirt my mom bought me in Mexico (ok, not the REAL Mexico - the Epcot Mexico). And Cole's glasses and shoes and cars and all that fun stuff!!! I mean there is fun in that bag that is surely waiting to pop out by now.

So there you have it - a happy camper!! I will be so very glad to receive my cheap Walmart bag tomorrow!!



Amy said...

yay!!! so glad it was found! i would definitely call the resort and ask to speak with the manager, not just a lower man on the totem pole, and tell him what happened.

Michelle said...

Oh, Lisa, I'm so glad someone found it. That reminds me of when we moved over here. I arrived with an extra luggage b/c of the same thing. Someone at the airport tagged it wrong. I explained to a guy at the airport that it wasn't mine and he opens it and pulls out some thong underwear and asks if they are mine and I was like, "no, but I wish I could fit in those." So, some poor girl from Vestavia, who knows where she was at the time, was missing her luggage complete with her thong underwear. LOL

Croppycatter said...

That's so funny! Glad you're getting your stuff back though.


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