Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Stolen Photos

Ok - I love all things Disney - but the PhotoPass is just wrong. There are some good photos on there - but jeez - I can't afford to buy them online.

Here's a few I managed to 'save' from the photopass website - don't tell Mickey!!

I just love Minnie Mouse - she gave me a kiss on the cheek!

Is this not just typical? We ride Test Track - they take a picture of us - and I'm taking a picture, in the picture!!

I may have to break down and order an 8x10 of this one - it's pretty good!

Another group shot - pretty good!

me, cole and pooh. Jason was actually in the picture too - but looked pretty sweaty so I cropped him out! :)

thanks for looking


HoweverAlthough said...

Those are all good. And I couldn't agree more about the whole RIP OFF factor of their passport thing. Of course I ordered several once I got home last time. I'm a sucker.

jackie said...

Lisa, I enjoyed the review of the week and the photos! It's been years since I've been to DW so reading about your activities there makes me really want to go back! Your family is lovely and it's wonderful to see Cole looking so big and healthy! I look forward to seeing more photos. And good luck on having the lost luggage returned to you!

Michelle said...

Oh, you are making me want to go back to Disneyworld so bad. LOL that you cut Jason out of the last picture. I'm sure he appreciates it though.


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