Saturday, June 28, 2008


what a bummer!! i tried out for a design team and didn't make it. rats and crappit!! i was so hoping i'd make it.

the good thing is i think my layouts have improved just since trying - well some of them have - i have a few that i still haven't posted because they aren't good enough yet. there's just something missing and i haven't figured it out yet.

anyway - i spent several hours today at Alicia's playing with her Stampin' Up stuff and WOW does she have some stamps. it was a bit overhwelming. i didn't really stamp much but i got ideas of things i could do next time - if there's a next time. she told me today they are moving to ohio. another bummer! oh i played with her cuttlebug too - and embossed tons of paper. that was lots of fun. all the girls that were there were in serious card making mode. they did some really cute stuff. gave me lots of ideas for the future.

ok - i'm pooped. i spent all day yesterday getting cole's toys in order. he's had a mess lately - half upstairs, half down - a few things actually ON the stairs :) so now everything is back in it's place. it's always good times when we do this - he helps me and he always finds toys he's been 'missing' and get excited to see them again. it's almost like they're new.

hope you have a wonderful Sunday. we're heading to church in the AM and then having some friends over for a little cooking out. fun times!! hopefully they'll be some board games involved, or some Wii bowling maybe? i don't know - all i do know is i'm a bit tired of seeing tiger woods golfing on the Wii. it's time for a new game.

later, lisa


Laura S. said...

sorry about the dt. it is always a bummer when you don't make the ones you are really hoping for. i have really enjoyed looking at your work... you have a really cool style.

Morgan said...

So sorry about the DT, the good news is it's only six months until the next call!! I do hope you stick with us, we love you! I hear ya about the toys, we're getting ready to convert our guest room to a play room. I'm tired of having a "play house" with toys everywhere I turn!

Virginia said...

I saw the DT announcement too and am really bummed you didn't make it. I am so sorry, girly. Big hugs to you!

gimmegodiva said...

Sorry about the DT.. keep trying!!

See you Tues!!


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