Wednesday, June 25, 2008

creating and ignoring laundry

well my title isn't entirely true - i washed some tshirts before i did some creating with them :)

but the rest of the laundry is still staring at me - waiting for me to throw it in the machine. i did a layout yesterday but didn't finish it completely - well i did, but i'm not happy with the end result so i think it needs some tweaking. what i'm really tempted to do is take it apart and do it over.

i did some reverse applique on two tshirts today. tried to take pictures but it didn't really work - maybe tomorrow i'll try again. i needed to take pictures of the front of our house this evening and when i went out to do it - it was raining - but only in the FRONT yard. crazy. so i'll try again in a bit. or do it in the morning. (sorry michelle - they're coming though) :)

i've got some bracelets half made. i need to work on them too. i have all the beads sorted out for each one, all the pieces and parts are ready - i just need to sit still long enough to put them all together.

i can't believe July is almost here. WOW!! We don't have very long until school will start again. and i STILL don't have a job.

wow - started out on a happy post and it just got blah - sorry for that!
more upbeat tomorrow :)



Scrappinwendi said...

Keep smiling! It will get better tomorrow. That is what I have to tell myself lately and most of the time I am right. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Im a professional at creating and ignoring laundry ! LOL ..... I know what its like to be down, i just do what wendi said and try to keep smiling :)
Have a wonderful weekend.


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