Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I am so frustrated.

These are the things I am frustrated about currently:

1. my lost luggage
2. companies that out source their customer service people
3. companies that repeat verbatim random little blurbs that they think will help you - even though it has nothing to do with the real reason you are calling them - but they go on and on until they've read what they need to say and you don't really understand it because of number 2 above!!

So, back to number one. We bought travel insurance - so you'd think we'd be A-OK right? Well, not so much - it doesn't cover glasses or contacts (or artificial limbs, not that we have any). So the largest amount of money lost in this luggage would be in Jason's glasses which are less than 3 months old, Cole's glasses which are less than 6 months old, and two boxes of Jason's contacts, again less that 3 months old. GOOD GRIEF. Someone said to me they probably saw Cole's medication in your bag and took it. First of all, its thyroid meds - not codeine or anything remotely cool - so I'm doubting my luggage disappeared over some Synthroid!! or Rapid Release Tylenol PM. Now, the Aerosmith Rockin' Rollercoaster drum sticks - MAYBE!!! So the list is getting longer - the things I keep remembering that are in this particular piece of luggage is ridiculous. We found four Disney Pixar Cars cars we didn't have - bought them - they are now lost. I cannot express in typed language my frustration over these things.

On to number two!! My name is not Leeezaaaa although three different women from some other country think it's cool to say it that way. They talk so darn fast, I can't understand a word they say other than 'Leeezaaaa' and 'sorry'!! Well, neither of those two words are helping me with my luggage, are they? NOPE. Each time I call I'm hoping some sweet southern belle name Lindsey or Ashley will answer the phone and totally understand how upset I am about my cute Yellow Box flip flops!! Ashley would really understand. Lindsey would say "NO, not your Clinique Clarifying Lotion!!!" Am I asking too much here? I think not.

And number three - as soon as Delta Foreign Woman answers the phone she immediately goes into their spill 'i see you've already called today, twice' and then 'i'm sorry for the inconvenience but we still have no information on your luggage at this time. you were instructed to..............' and this goes on for three more minutes (more or less) and I finally get to say "YEAH - I know all that - I have a question." Finally I get to ask my question and she may have answered it, but really? I'm not sure since I can't understand anything but "Leeezaaaa"!!!


So, I just got a call from the resort. And finally he says 'yeah, i see that number you gave us. it was your bag right?' to which I resond ' yes, it's mine' and he says well it left here but what we don't know if where it went after that. Well, DUH??? I could have told him that already. So tomorrow he's going to check with Joe - cause Joe should know apparently.

Cross your fingers that Joe can indeed determine where our luggage went. This is so stupid. There are so many things in that bag that were purchased there in Disney. So even if they decide to reimburse us for everything - it's not like I can just run over to Mexico and pick up another cute white lacy shirt that my mom got me, or do the whole grand gathering again to get the two collectors pins that cole and I were both given. Or the cute Toy Story tin that has the cars in it, along with a Buzz and R2D2 racer. Or the Toy Story Mania popcorn container we bought - just because it was Toy Story Mania - we DIDN'T EVEN EAT THE POPCORN!!!


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CyndiAKADisneyqueen said...

Lisa I am so sorry you all are going through this.


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