Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Do you love a challenge?

I do - I love challenges. Well, let's just say I love scrapping challenges! If it's using certain supplies, I'm all over it. If it's taking a picture a certain way - I'm there. I love scrapping challenges. Challenges in real life - not always a big fan. If I were a bigger fan of them, losing the last ten pounds wouldn't be so darn hard! ANYWAY - check out this blog:


What's better than challenges to help you use your stash?? I have a hard time doing this - I just forget about what I have really. So I'm glad I stumbled upon this blog. I have some stash that needs to be tackled and used. Some papers I really love and just haven't used them all up yet! So - it should be fun to play along and use up some of those things that I love but have, sadly, forgotten!

I did finish several pages yesterday - got out of my normal 12x12 comfort zone and did two 8.5x11 layouts - a two pager! I rarely do those anymore - but I used to make sure that every two pages that were side by side in my scrapbooks matched - so either a two pager - or the layouts had to be the same color schemes!! I've gotten away from that so I rarely do two pagers. Anyway - I'm off to photograph them and I'll be back later (hopefully) to post them.

Cole and I have a playdate this afternoon with Carol and her kids. We're McDonald's bound today. The McD's by Carol's house is great - it's pretty clean and the playplace is indoors! WOO HOO! And the best thing is Quizno's is really close, so we don't actually have to eat McD's - the boys can, but the girls have a yummier lunch. And another good thing - there's a scrapbook store NEXT to Quizno's!! WOO HOO. So this afternoon will be filled with yummy lunch, good friends, and maybe some scrapping!! I'm hoping to use the accucut machine, but I'm not sure what diecuts they have there or how long Cole will last. These playdates wear him out. He's in school all morning (8-12) and then we're busy playing all afternoon so 9 times our of 10 - he's asleep on the way home. But, it's all good. Nothing like a good nap after some hard playing! He needs that. He only has one more day of school after today and then it's real summer vacation and school time with me! I hope I can keep him interested in some school work - we've got to keep him on target for starting first grade again!!

ok - outta here - off to take some pictures of layouts and then put on my make up so I don't scare Carol!!



Nicole said...

Have fun today!

gimmegodiva said...

Great Challenge... I would use my stash, but I keep accumulating more... What is wrong with me??!!!
See you in a few!!


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