Thursday, June 26, 2008

a busy day.............

So yesterday I ended up making three tshirts. They are pretty cute - if I can say so myself. Well, one I'm not crazy about but the other two - cute cute!! I did a red star on a blue shirt with some little firework-ish details around it (this is the one I'm not crazy about) with another small star on the back. Then I did a black shirt with a cool design I drew out with a heart and ribbon behind it and a smaller heart off to the side. I want to add an "E" to it somewhere - ya know - for Edward from Twilight. This one was the hardest one to do - I drew the pattern out on paper and pinned it to the shirt and stitched through the paper. It didn't seem like a bad idea, but it was hard - and my thread was a little too loose. So if I did that again, I'll need to pay more attention as I go.

THEN i got really brave and took a butterfly i'd cut out with the accucut machine at Scrap Etc, some fabric that came in the first Scripts kit, a tshirt and some embrodiery thread. so now i have a green tee with a cute butterfly reverse applique!! Now i'm thinking of about 400 other things i want to do. i wish i had about twenty other plain tshirts to play with now. I would love to take another one and do a KC (Kenny Chesney) and use old of my older Kenny shirts as the backing - that way I would have an original Kenny shirt for the show in a few weeks. So here's a close up of the butterfly::

I'll take pictures of my other shirts and post soon. I'm sure this will be a short lived obsession - I tend to do that a lot. Get all crazy about what I want to make and make it a bunch and then get burned out. So, a handful of shirts will probably be enough. I may try to do something for Cole though - out of some older shirts that I just can't get rid of - maybe a little blanket or some throw pillows or a wall hanging. I don't know. There are always so many cute kid clothes you just can't bare to part with, ya know? What do you do with them??

So what are you making right now?



Virginia said...

Can I please have one green shirt with a butterfly??!! Those are my two favorite things! I think you are trying to make me jealous. ;)

I need to try out one of these shirts, that is TOO cute!

Katie said...

HOw cute is that shirt??? I want to see a pic of the star one you did! Precious. They are so addictive :D

Michelle said...

That is really cute. I love the green shirt and the butterfly is so cute. Great job, Lisa.

And to answer your question about what am I doing? A Celtic knot cross-stitch thing I was going to give Janet for her wedding 4 years ago.

Monique said...

Well you already know what I think. :) I thought it was the cutest thing I have EVER seen...oh my did a great love love it

Linh Chin-Lai said...

Love the shirt. What's reverse applique?


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