Thursday, June 12, 2008

I don't really get out much, huh?

I saw this on Morgan's blog and thought I'd do it, too. Mine isn't nearly as intersting as her's was. I haven't been very far - at all. Just for fun - I was 25 before I made it into Florida (although I think my dad drove us over the state line once when I was younger just to buy lottery tickets - we always vacationed in Gulf Shores, so I was close to Florida). 25 before I made it to Mississippi (and then it was around Meridian and many many trips to Biloxi, also a few stays in Jackson). 29 before I made it to Lousianna (We did the Big Easy for our Honeymoon and went back three or four more times I think). And I turned 30 the day after my first trip to Illinois (my brother's in Chicago and we've been one time since then). And I was 33 when we visited Arkansas. (We went there to see The Wiggles - while we were living in Memphis.) I didn't travel much before Jason I guess.

I remember my first trip to Georgia being in 7th grade to see family and for my big bro to check out Emory - he had a scholarship I think and did the whole 'let's tour colleges' thing that school year.

My first trip (that I recall) to Tennessee was in 6th grade. I remember going to a giant flea market in Nashville and the Grand Ole Opry with my parents and Granny. Don't know who was playing at the Opry, but I do remember what I was wearing oddly enough (and wow was it ugly - I thought I was hot stuff then though - you know - in all of my seventh grade glory). I think my parents took us to Opryland when I was younger than that - but I don't remember when - I recall seeing photos of me and my brother at some theme park - I had twin pony tails so I was less than 6 - that I know for sure. Maybe my Dad can comment and let me know!! Since then, I've lived in Memphis for about nine months and now we go twice a year. But I am no where near a VOL's fan - never going to happen!

And that's it for me tonight - I've posted more in the last few days than I normally do in a while week!



Michelle Johnson said...

And I thought I was bad, not making it to Florida until I was 18. Now I consider myself quite lucky with all the places I've been.

gimmegodiva said...

Does driving through states count????
When I was in Elem school, we drove to Maine..... that would cover the east coast!!

Are we on for the 24th??


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