Thursday, June 12, 2008

Isn't this the coolest.....

This is a picture of the castle (obviously). I took it during the Pirates and Princess Party (which by the way I want to call 'Poets and Pirates Party' Kenny fans, can I get an Amen?). The lights shining on the castle make it look like different colors at night - pink, blue, purple, orange. I think the castle looks it's best in the sunlight but this is kind of a creepy look - but I like it!!

Speaking of Disney - there was no call from Joe today, or Dave. So tomorrow I'll call them and let them know our luggage is now safe and at home no thanks to them!!

OH - we bought more Mr. Potato Head pieces - we do this every single time we go to Disney - we have a giant collection now (and Jason can't believe it and wants to know what it's worth). So I told Cole would we get them out Monday and he could play. Monday came, no potatoes. Tuesday - still no potatoes. Wednesday - you guessed it - no potatoes (although we had fries at lunch). Thursday - we just looked again - in a few more places and there they were - waiting on their new parts. So all the Mr. Potato Head pieces are together at least. We have 6 big ones and two baby spuds. We can make Spud Lightyear, Mash Poppins, Darth Tater and more!! I'm going to take a picture of all the parts in the floor!! Too much FUN!!



Just call me "B" said...

Ahhh, Spud Lightyear! I love it!

We just finally let those all go last year! (Although I did keep a few pieces for the boys' boys!!)

How fun!

Glad your luggage is safe at home!

Amy Nabors said...

glad your luggage finally arrived.

it was all i could do to resist the indiana jones mr. potato head at target a few weeks ago. :)

Morgan said...

I wanna see Mash Poppins and Darth Tater...


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