Monday, June 16, 2008

Playing with photos

On the crop addict message board someone posted links to some cool places to upload your photos to and play with different enhancements, and all kinds of things. I played with the first one she posted and that's as far as I got!! It was too fun to even look at the other link! So here's a picture I took this afternoon of a bird's nest that my dad found in a shrub in the front yard - this is straight out of the camera:

This one I used the 'boost' option

and this one is my favorite - i used the LUMO option!!

isn't that the coolest? well the site is and really the neatest place. i know lots of people can do all these cool things with photoshop, but i don't have it, so i don't get to do all these fun things!! you can do all the normal editing things too - red eye and all that - but if you click on create - you get tons of cool options.

here's a self portrait of me and jason on a disney bus - i'm sure we we're on our way somewhere - we don't look tired enough to be on our way back!

this is changed to some degree of black and white and then i added the lumo effect - i like it!!

Have a wonderful night!


Virginia said...

Those are wicked cool! Thanks for sharing those- I hadn't heard of that website before. Gonna have to try it out! Your photos look amazing!

Michelle Johnson said...

Oh, that's cool. You know I love photography. And playing with pictures.

Just call me "B" said...

Lisa, very cool. Thanks for sharing.

Going to check out that site now!

Don't worry.........I don't have Photoshop either!


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