Wednesday, May 14, 2008

WOW !!!

If I'd known that I would get so many comments - I would just post pictures of Kenny all the time!! :) Well, I don't think I mentioned my wonderful Mother's Day present! Jason got us tickets to see Tim McGraw and Jason Aldean tomorrow night. I love both of them - a lot!! Well, as I was getting in the tanning bed this afternoon I heard 102.5 The Bull making a special concert announcement regarding Tim McGraw. I thought - oh wow, maybe Faith is singing too, or there's another opening act added or something - NO SUCH LUCK. The weather is scheduled to be bad and they are rescheduling! This doesn't seem like it should be a bad thing - but it's rescheduled for June 3rd. One June 3rd, we'll be in Orlanda Florida!!! Finally we get tickets to a concert we can both go to (Jason's school schedule is nuts and we missed several that we wanted to go to) and now it's rescheduled when we're out of town!! So I will miss out on seeing Tim and Jason and I hate that!!! The good news is I can get a refund on the tickets and find something else. But darnit - I was looking forward to us going to a concert together. Now I have to wait until July 13th and that's when we see Kenny!!

And Brittney - I looked at ebay and there's the same Kenny cardboard cutout currently at over $70!! Jason said I was crazy for not selling mine - but no way - not going to do it!

Oh well - off to plan what I'll spend my money on!


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Michelle said...

Oh, Lisa, I am so sorry. At least it's not Kenny. That's my biggest nightmare, that U2 will tour in the US while we are over here. I think that would jusify an emergency trip home, don't you?


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