Thursday, May 15, 2008

blogger blahs

do you ever just have one of those really blah days? today is one of those days here. it's rainy and blah outside and blah inside too really. all morning it was foggy all around our house - it was about 2 this afternoon before i could see past the mailbox practically!! blah!!

and i'm blah over the lack of the concert tonight - that really stinks. i understand why they rescheduled - but it's still no fun. someone commented that at least it wasn't a kenny concert and they were so right. i'm not sure what i would do - cry, whine, pout, scream!!! i don't know. i'd be so upset.

tomorrow is cole's end of the year party at school - i really hope the blah weather is over by then. their party is outside in the courtyard so i'm hoping it's dry and nice by then and not rainy and dreary. cole loves a cloudy day but not rainy and cloudy. i'm bringing lemonade for the party - enough for 90 kids and their teachers and any adults that come. i've got five gallons - hopefully that's enough. and i've got to run out tonight and get a nice visa gift card and card for the teacher.

one downfall of cole repeating first grade is that i have to come up with new gift ideas for his teacher. i can't give her the same things again!! rats!

oh well - i think i see a little light outside - maybe a peek from the sun!



Virginia said...

I know this sounds weird, but I LOVE blah days like today. Makes me feel all cozy inside, especially when I can scrap! ;)

Hey, check this out:

Simple, but cute little teacher's gifts!

Disney Scrapper said...

I know the feeling. I have been feeling blah all day for a number of reasons and the cloudy weather does not help.

Michelle said...

I think your blah has moved over here today. And I can't get warm. :(


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