Tuesday, May 6, 2008

time is a good thing

so, i've had some time this week to get some things done i'd been wanting to do. i packed away cole's winter clothes and got out summer stuff. this meant he had to try on things to see if they still fit. he got really tired of that - quickly - but only a few things didn't fit - so that's good. or bad. depending on how you look at it. good that i don't need tons of things for him this summer, bad that he isn't growing fast enough to outgrow these things. but luckily with shorts - it's not like they are can be too short from one summer to the next. i also got my curtains done for the kitchen. they aren't fabulous or anything, but i like them - they look nice in the kitchen. a good splash of color is what i needed in there.

the laundry is almost caught up too - it's not all put away, but it's all almost clean and that's a task in itself lately. i don't get much laundry done during the week - it's a weekend thing to me. i get two or three loads done, but not everything. so now i only have one load left, i think. i'm also baking some cookies too - makes the place smell yummy. now don't think i've gone totally domestic - it was prepared cookie dough - nothing i whipped up on my own.

i still have several things to do - vacuum, , run by Walgreens to pick up some photos, finish a Mother's Day gift, run by Walmart, start getting things together for our weekend trip to Mobile, the list is endless really. cole also has a field trip thursday and i'm subbing in his room friday and have to bake more cookies for something at school on Friday.

In scrapping news I've finished another layout and an altered item I did for a design team try out. I'm off to upload that in just a minute and then officially apply!! YIKES - am I really doing that? yes, I am. I know there's a slim chance i'll make it - but i have to try anyway - i just have to try. i can't complain about never doing anything if i don't try right?

mom and dad are coming over tomorrow night for an early Mother's Day dinner since we won't be here Sunday. I'm cooking mac and cheese and getting some fried chicken from publix, some yummy bread too I think. mmmm - just thinking about mac and cheese makes me hungry!!

ok - off to eat a warm cookie!
later, lisa

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gimmegodiva said...

uummmm... cookies fresh from the oven and a cold glass of milk..... getting me hungry!


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