Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Publix is my favorite grocery store - ever!!

Sounds like an odd thing to post about huh? My love for Publix?? Well, let me just explain to you how our little grocery shopping excursion went down tonight.

We walk into the store and head to the bakery/deli area. Jason wanted some fried chicken for dinner. Now when I go alone, this is the way I go. I usually head straight down the produce area, along side the salads and juice (I know every Publix is laid out a bit different though so you don't necessarily know which one I went to and probably don't care either). Now if Jason had not been with me, my love for Publix would just be your regular grocery store love. But, since we detoured through the deli for fried chicken we rolled through by the cakes and cookies and bakery sweets and right there in front of us was a HUGE Corona beer display. And well, some of you may not realize that Corona is sponsoring Kenny Chesney's current tour - Poet and Pirates. So, who would be standing there??? Well, you guessed it KENNY CHESNEY. Ok, so HE wasn't standing there and as Cole said - "He's just a boy in a cowboy hat, Mom." Well, yes he is just a boy in a cowboy hat - but now he's MINE!!!

Jason bet me a dollar that I wouldn't go ask for the cardboard cut out. Well, he just doesn't know me very well now does he?? :) So I walked up to some official looking guys in shirts and ties at the seafood counter and asked if I could ask a crazy question and they said sure, of course. I went on to ask about Kenny and if anyone had claimed him yet. I happened to be speaking to the manager on duty (lucky me) and he said he thought someone already had dibs on him. So we walked over to look (I was a little sad now thinking that someone beat me to it when I actually had the nerve to ask for it). There was no name on it yet - so he said it was mine!! He said I needed to go up to customer service and give them my name and they would put it on the cutout for me and call me when they were done with it - probably a month or so. So I walked up there and got my sticky note and when I turned around he was standing there - the manager, not Kenny. And he said 'go ahead and take it now' and I said 'are you sure? I can wait, it's ok' and he said 'no, go ahead, it's my store and i say it's ok!'

So, I took Kenny out to the van and there you have it!! I love Publix. It usually isn't quite so easy to get these things, from what I've heard on the Kenny Chesney Fan Club Message Board.

So now I'm the proud owner of a cardboard Kenny. How I wish it were autographed!!!

And here's a picture of it:

My studio is now complete!!



Amy said...

oh my that is so funny! what did jason say?

Linh Chin-Lai said...

So happy for you Lisa!

Kelly D said...

LOL. You're too funny. Enjoy your cardboard Kenny.

Disney Scrapper said...

You are as bad as my son. Someone gave him an ironman cardboard figure. Scared the daylights out of me and the girls when we saw it in the hall that night!

3QTGUYS said...

Girl, you know I am happy for you! You know how much I love those standups, and how cool they are!

Now!!!!!!! Let's work on getting him to drop in and autograph it for you!

And, by the way........that baby would bring over $100 bucks on ebay!! hahahaha

gimmegodiva said...

That is great!!!!! I once got a card board of Ramona from the book store for my classroom, but yours is much more exciting!!!!!!!!!!

Michelle said...

Oh my! That is great! Ok, I love Publix too and miss it terribly. I have been known to say that I'm willing to pay a little more to go there than Walmart, just to have an employee be nice to me. (perfect example here)

As for Kenny, it's a shame that Keifer is locked in the closet downstairs. Kenny could hang out with Keifer from Young Guns. ;)

Lori said...

Get out girl!!!! I'm so jealous!!!! That is soooooo awesome!!!!

I'm on the countdown: only 7 days till I see him!!

mary h. said...

Well, just don't ever let Pooh near it or he will be covered in lipgloss kisses.

elizbailey said...

That's a great story Lisa!


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