Wednesday, May 7, 2008

That was close!!

OK, all is well - Scrap Etc. is back up and running. SHEW - I was worried that I wouldn't make it without logging in and reading and leaving messages. This internet - it's like crack!! I really check my email way too many times a day and check several message boards way too many times a day. I really do have other things to do - just ask my husband, he'll tell you what I'm slacking on!

But - in my defense - the house (at least the living area) is relatively clean (although all the laundry is not put away and our bedroom is a mess - but it's not really all my mess). Anyway - dusting has happened, vacuuming has been done, mac and cheese has been prepared. THAT is something!!

Ok - now for the rest of the things I must do - take pictures of my mom's gift - just for fun, I guess - why do I need a picture of it??? Wrap it up in something cute?? Run to the tanning salon and fry a little :) then pick up Cole and stop and get chicken for dinner.

Overall this has been a productive domestic day - but my studio is calling me - loud and clear!! It needs to be cleaned next, I've made a mess lately!!

oh well, there's always tomorrow..........

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Unknown said...

Hey! Soooooo tomorrow is small group night. We weren't really going to do anything, BUT...if you guys wanted to...we could grill some hamburgers and the kids could play...I know Jennifer is out of town, but I will email Janna...but even if it just ends up you guys that would be fun...just let me know...give me a call on our cell tomorrow. I know the girls would love to play with Cole....and I would love to hang out with you. :) :) :)


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