Friday, May 23, 2008

Fancy Schmancy Dinner tonight

We are going out tonight to this fancy place - Oceans - on Southside. Jason's branch has made some giant goal and they get to go out with the boss, the boss's boss and then the boss's boss's boss!! WOW - lots of bossing going around huh? So we get to get all dressed up and go out to eat. It's a seafood place (what gave that away) and there is barely anything on the menu I'll eat - I love shrimp and that's about it. Their only shrimp is boiled and you peel it yourself - and I don't peel my own shrimp-EVER. They have some crab cakes on the online menu that I'll probably try and I'm thinking about dessert too - just because it's such a fancy place - it should be good right? I hope!!

After that we're going to the movie - INDIANA JONES !!! I'm excited. I've seen all the others, but don't really remember much - but hey, it's Harrison Ford so where can you go wrong? We're actually double dating - we haven't really done that in about 10 years! lol We're going with the guy Jason works with and his girlfriend. They are riding with us to dinner in the new car - woo hoo - and then to the movies. I'm looking forward to a night out - it should be fun (except for all those bosses being there - not sure how much fun that is?)

Anyway - i'll try to get a picture of us all snazzy before we go - but we won't match - Jason doesn't do 'matching' - he's such a guy sometimes.

See ya


gimmegodiva said...

So how was it???? I hope you had a fabulous time!!!!! Fill us in on Oceans!

Scrappinwendi said...

A new Car? Geez send a girl up north and she changes!!LOL I sure hope you had a good date night. Missed you croppin today but we are doing it again on the 21st if you decide to travel south on I-65. We miss you down here!

Michelle said...

So, how was your date? How was Indiana? You know, you can go see Raiders at the Alabama Theatre this summer.


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