Sunday, May 18, 2008

Kenny Chesney

Ok - It's 9:46 and I have about 10 more minutes to find out if he wins Entertainer of the Year!! I sure hope so. Jason is betting on Brad Paisley - even though Cardboard Kenny can hear him say such things (He's just downstairs). I've been glued to the tv since 7 waiting to watch the Academy of Country Music awards show. I love watching. I'm tivoing it too - just to replay the good stuff.

We've had a busy weekend - Jason got a new car Friday night. It's very nice. He so deserved a new car!! So we've been running around in it all weekend. We had a birthday party Friday night for my sweet little cousin, Hunter. She turned 12!!! I mean, good grief??? 12??? I remember when she was born, for crying out loud.

Yesterday we just ran around to several places, had dinner with my parents and went to the Galleria last night. We made it out of the Disney store without Cole getting anything - it's a miracle. We watched a movie last night too. It's been so nice to just live normally with no homework or finals or papers to worry about (for Jason, of course). He asked me yesterday if this is what life with no homework is like? I just smiled and say yes!!

I got three layouts done today. I've given up on scanning layouts. I'm going to take pictures of them tomorrow when the sun's pouring in my front windows. So i'll post a bunch of layouts tomorrow. Ok, this didn't kill but 5 minutes...............

It's 9:51 - and I still don't know if he's going to win. Now we have to listen to Montgomery Gentry - which is great, but I'm tired of waiting.........................

later, lisa


Michelle said...

Shame on you for leaving people hanging like that! I had to go and look it up on google. But congratulation to you and Kenny. Now, tell Jason to go and apologize to your cut-out.

HoweverAlthough said...

He won! How many times did you vote for him? ;)


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