Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I have new hair!!

Well, it's the same old hair I've had for a while - but I got a great hair cut this morning and Kari Ann (who is the cutest thing) blew it out straight for me, and flat ironed it!! I love to wear my hair straight occasionally but it takes so long to fix it that I rarely do it and if there's a large amount of humidty - FOR.GET.IT!!!

So today we're only at 46% humidity - a good hair day! I had lunch with some girlfriends yesterday (can I call ya'll that??) and Katie said 'take pictures' so here it is. I got home about 11:15 and spent about 45 minutes playing with the self times and trying to get some good shots. I don't look so great in natural light. I have a lot to learn about taking pictures of anyone other than Cole (not that I couldnt' learn a thing or two there - I could but he's easier). Anyway - here you go - two shots of straight hair!

This first picture I played with in Shutterfly and changed the coloring a but - it's all brownish now but I like it - sorta!

This one was after I played with my hair more and swooped it the other way - for some reason, when it's straight I feel the need to change the part - don't know why but it works better for me! Anyway - I love the cut, it feels tons better and watching Kari Ann dry it and straighten it made me realize why I don't always get the result I want - so now I've had some training and Maybe I won't be so chicken to try to again and seriously - she did it pretty quick, so there's hope for me. I know she's standing up and had a better angle than when I do it- but still, if she did it that quickly, I've got to be able to cut my time down now and I have a new skinny flat iron that really works better than my giant flat iron. I got it out and fixed a little crinkle I had from wearing my sunglasses on my head most of the way home! :)

Ok - I'm outta here - off to pick up the Colester - it's his last day of school. He's supposed to go tomorrow but he's so ready for SUMMER to be here, I told him he could stay home with me! YIPPEE!

Oh - we got a tag for the new car today. It's a Curing Childhood Cancer tag - there are so many in the B'ham area - now there's a new one. It says "4JUDE". We couldn't get Cole, Colie, ColeT - nothing - so we started picking out St. Jude names. We couldn't get Jude or STJUD or anything close to that, we tried all the cancer words - hope, faith, love, curag (which was good but jason said it didn't look like courage to him). You can only have 5 letters/numbers - so it was hard. We got it down to SJCRH (which are the initials for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital), 4JUDE and Cole7 was out last resort. I'm glad we got 4JUDE!!

ok - now i'm off to the car pool!!!



3QTGUYS said...

Lisa, it is crazy cute! I love it!!

So cute! I bet your husband thinks you are a major hottie!

Lori said...

Your hair looks adorable Lisa!!!! So cute!!

Monique said...

Wowza. You're a hottie hot hot hot. Isn't that on a Disney movie??? I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!

HoweverAlthough said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE! I love it. And I love to have someone else blowdry my hair...I would never actually take the time to do all that but I love the way it looks after someone else does it.

Chemo Mom Tammy said...

your new style is sooo cute! I think it makes your face look longer..I guess..we still havent made our trip to the Ham, but we will let you know when we do!

gimmegodiva said...

Looks great, girlfriend!!!!!!

Disney Scrapper said...

Lisa I love, looking good my friend.

Michelle said...

Lisa, your hair is so cute! I can't believe how...straight it is! LOL I wonder if mine would do that? Not over here, I'm sure! Too much rain.

elizbailey said...

Your hair is beautiful!! The pictures are great as well!

Scrappinwendi said...

Loving the new "do" Lisa. You look Fabulous. I will be looking for you on the interstate now that I know your tag. LOL!!

Virginia said...

I always love your hair- you have the cutest curly hair- but dadgum! You are ONE hot mama! ;) Love it- it looks adorable!

Did you get some highlights or is that just the way the sun is hitting your hair?


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