Monday, March 2, 2009

We had a Snow Day!

Here's the snow!

Cole was so not interested in the snow. We woke him up to tell him it snowed. He looked out the window then went on to watch cartoons. He's got a cold again - the normal every six weeks cold. So he just wasn't into it. Plus it was 7am and maybe he didn't want to wake up yet. About 9:30 he ran into the living room and said 'Its all extremely white' - from "Snow is My Favorite and My Best" - a Charlie and Lola book.

He spent the day playing inside. Jason went out for about three minutes and it was too cold. I didn't step foot outside. I really wanted to go walk in the snow, but Cole didn't need to be out in that coldness. Oh well - at least I have photos!!

Today, it's back to the routine. Well, as routine as things get around here. Cole's teacher is back, so I'm off. I'll be working on getting something packed up - not sure what exactly, but something! Where to start? hmmmm


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