Sunday, March 8, 2009

Help me Help me!!

If you are in the Birmingham area and know someone who refinishes hardwood floors - pass on the info to me, please!!! you can email me at


We had a lovely surprise today when we pulled back carpet at the new house and found hardwoods. Not where we were hoping - we had hoped it would be downstairs, but it's upstairs. So, we'll take whatever we can get!! We're hoping it can be refinished!!

Okay - I'm pooped - been pulling wallpaper off the walls today and I'm a bit tired. Oh, and I have bible study tomorrow night and haven't even taken my bible and workbook out of the bag i carried it in two weeks ago!!! i'm a bad student!



Amy said...

if you don't hear from others in that area in the next few days, e-mail me and i'll call my sisters-in-law and see if they know of someone.

Michelle said...

Hardwoods!?! You lucky girl! We were hoping we would find those in our house, but no.... Let me think. That happened to another friend too.

Lucy said...

yes, jeremy....a friend of chad and favorite handymen and cousins! call me tomorrow and i"ll get you his number. congrats!!!!!!


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