Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I really really love Disney!

We were eating dinner one night last week at Bob Sykes Bar B Q and the tv over our table was showing the Food Network Challenge and they were making Disney cakes - they were in DisneyWorld and making cakes for four different special parties. Well, Cole wanted me to DVR it - he didn't really understand that I can't DVR at Bob Sykes. I did find it on later in the week and recorded it. In my search, I found two other episodes of Challenge that were about Disney cakes. We watched one last night that included cakes from Disney classics - Pinocchio, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and my fave - Mary Poppins. The cakes were amazing. I've got another episode on now while I'm taping boxes together - it's all princess cakes. Very Cool. Cole isn't interested in this one - too much pink for him!!

As I've been picking thingsfrom different rooms and packing, I've been watching off and on - more listening since I'm moving around too much. Well, I had to sit down when they started talking about picking a special princess to help judge the cakes. I just knew it hd to be a Give Kids the World kid - and it was!!! THIS is why I love Disney. Yes, Mickey is fab, Donald is funny, I love love love Mary Poppins - but what they do for kids is the best part. I mean - do you have any idea what wish kids get when they go to Disney? I think it really depends on who grants their wish (there are many different wish granting organizations besides Make A Wish). But there is only one place I know of where wish kids get to stay when visiting Disney - it's called Give Kids the World. And that's really what they do. The place is fantastic. Just to mention a few things - they have an ice cream shop that's open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can have ice cream for breakfast there. They have characters come for visits - we met Mickey, Minnie and Spongebob while we were there. They had a train - and good grief, that was like giving Cole the world. I don't know how many times he rode the train. They had train tables, too and we spent a good bit of time there. They also had this giant room with model trains going non-stop. Another thing Cole enjoyed. They fed us, they left goodies in our cottage every day for Cole, the drove around a cookie and cocoa cart at night so you could get a little snack. It was just amazing.

They work with Disney, Sea World and Universal to give these kids and their families tickets to these attractions. These special kids don't want for anything while they are there. They get a special button to wear while at the parks - this brings our all sorts of fun. We didn't wait in line for one single ride, one single character. It was amazing. And this was just your regular trip to Disney thru Give Kids the World. I know I've read other stories about kids who have gone on their wish trip and got to lead a parade, meet all the Princesses, lots and lots of things.

But how about Food Network Challenge picking this sweet Princess to judge the cakes? That is awesome. For one, she gets to feel like a real princess - she got the whole princess makeover - the sparkles, the tiara, the glittery make up!! She gets to be on TV - WOW - what little girl doesn't love that. She gets to help pick the winner and then have a special tea party celebrating HER with the winning cake. But even more important than that - someone watching this may get a little tear in their eye because this sweet princess is a cancer survivor. They may then hug their own little princess a little tighter at bedtime. They may even say a little prayer for all those kids fighting cancer. They may even give some money to a childhood cancer organization to help the fight. Either way - someone will be touched by a show about cakes. CAKES, people!!

Disney doesn't really get enough credit for all they do for these kids. I mean really does anyone know how many kids get wishes granted to go to Disney? Does anyone know how many of those kids have all their dreams come true? I'd really like to know how many kids return for more trips strictly based on how fab their wish trip was. I mean, we've been three more times since our wish trip!! I'm beginning to lose count of our trips!!

Aw, okay back to packing. I just had to gush about Disney for a bit. I'd go back today - really - I could pack quickly!! :)

later, lisa


Monique said...

Hey Lisa, I'll swing by and pick you up, think the guys will miss us????

mary h. said...

I never really knew just how much Disney did for the children until Cole. It really is amazing. I can't watch any shows or commercials with kids with cancer. The St. Jude's commercials have me bawling for days.


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