Sunday, March 22, 2009

Good Intentions

That's what I've had - good intentions - to blog about me and Jason and our anniversary, to blog about the house, to blog, in general. I've completely neglected it. Last night I dreamed that I dropped my camera into a cake box - hurting the cake and covering my camera with icing. I'm not sure which is worse - the icing coated camera, or the destroyed cake??

So I felt like this dream was a sign to blog - with pictures, or eat cake. I don't have any cake around, but we're heading to my mom's for lunch and I believe she's made a pie and that will be wonderful!! So here we go with photos!!

I don't have tons of before picture - but believe me there was wallpaper and pink and more pink and more wallpaper!!

Here's Cowboy Cole's room:

His room is huge! I didn't take shots of the whole room - this is just the view from the door - across from his bed on the other side of those windows is his chest of drawers and a toy chest. Across from the bed and opposite of the windows and two large bookcases with one of those toy bins with plastic primary colored bins in it (Target carries these) and there is still a ton of room for him to play in the floor!!

This is one of those uppercase living vinyl wall art things. I've had it a while and just needed a permanent place to put it - it's over Cole's bedroom door. It's not exactly in tune with the cowboy theme - but he thinks he's a rock star cowboy, so it's all good!

Not a great shot - I didn't check after I took it - I just snapped and moved on. This bathroom has green tile - that minty green tile from the 60's. The wallpaper was blue and pink (I thought I had a before shot, but I can't find it). It was bad!! So now it's all calm and the green is toned down a bit with a light brown on the top of the wall and dark brown accents. I like it. I am not hating the tile right now at all!!

The guest room - view from the door. You can barely see the scallops around the top of the wall in this shot - but they are there!! :) I like them! I think they need a little more detail, but I'm not sure what's missing. I don't want to outline them - that would take a long time and there's too much furniture to work around now, so they may just stay like they are. This room was white (I think) with border all around the top. Border that was really hard to remove!!

Okay - that's about all I have for today - the rest of my photos are rather dark - didn't notice when I was snapping them so I'll try to take a few more today!!

We are almost done - we've still got things to move - but mostly just things that need to be sorted through and boxed up. Almost all the big furniture is over there now - so we probably only need one more weekend to haul the bigger stuff and I'll spend this week boxing up what's left. Sadly, I'm out of boxes, so I need to unpack some stuff over there, in order to finish packing here! Geesh!!

Gotta run - we're off to my mom and dad's for lunch and then drop another load of stuff at the new house and then it's church tonight - we've missed the last several Sunday's - I'm ready!!!



Michelle said...

If you need some boxes, you can just unbox some of our stuff before you leave and you can have those boxes. :P

Looks great! Can't wait to see it when we get home.

Scrappinwendi said...

Tell Cole that I love his new room! You are doing a great job decorating girlie!


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