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I think I've seen all but two or three seasons. And those few seasons I missed, I've actually seen a few episodes here and there. I remember when the show first started. It was a great show. I remember Chicago Hope started around the same time. It seems like they were on different nights, but I remember watching them both. Chicago Hope had Adam Arkin and I really liked him and Mandy Patinkin - who's music was great. ER just stood out a bit more - I couldn't miss an episode - and how did I manage that with no TIVO or dvr. I guess it was the old VCR that saved me. If I wasn't home, I'm sure the VCR was programmed to tape it for me.

Anyway - I remember the original cast of ER. I remember Carter being the new guy and how hard Benton was on him. I remember Dr. Green and how he and Dr. Lewis really should have been together!!! And oh Dr. Ross - everyone loved the ladies man Dr. Ross. I also remembered Dr. Ross from the other E/R - the show with Berta from Two and a Half Men. Anyone else remember watching that? Oh, and he was on Facts of Life, too.

As time goes on in Chicago, I got bored with the show - hence the missed seasons. Other shows took it's place - not enought time to reschedule the VCR I guess. Or not enough time to reschedule the DVR. I just lost my love for ER.

But this season - OH MY - I guess knowing it's the final season - I was determined to watch it - every episode. You only had to mention that Dr. Green was returning and I was there. I mean, he's gone - brain tumor - long illness - he's gone! But was he? I mean, I had to know so let's set up the DVR and make sure we don't miss a beat.

So far - and we are pretty much 2/3 through the season at this point - we've seen the return of Elizabeth (Dr. Green's wife), Dr. Green of course (in a great show of flashbacks with the new Chief of Staff), Dr. Carter, Dr. Ross, Carol Hathaway (isn't she a doctor now??), and Dr. Benton. Oh, and don't forget Dr. Morgenstern - he had a comeback, too. Now we've also seen some of the faves leave - Dr. Pratt in probably the saddest episode since Dr. Green died. And Abby left, too - she was my fave female on the show (since Dr. Lewis at least). Now Neela is next - on the next episode she's leaving.

Last nights episode could have wrapped it all up and ended it for me, and I'd have been happy. I love when shows end that way - everything is answered, everything is settled. Well, I know there's more to come - but last nights was just great. I mean, I knew Carol was coming back - but Dr. Ross??? I didn't know he'd be back. I've stayed away from googling for information - I just wanted to take it as it came. So, it was so surprising!!

So if you aren't watching ER at all, or you've just missed this season (or the past few) and want to know what's up - keep reading:

So upon Carter's return, we get all excited that he's back. He's on the clock and working in the ER. At the end of that episode we discover that Carter is sick. He's on dialysis. NO NO NO - don't bring him back just to kill him off - I can't take it. So fast forward to the next week - he needs a kidney transplant - like yesterday - so what are the chances it'll happen? hmmmm..........

There's this mom in the hospital who needs a heart. She's already started a transplant just to find out the blood types don't match. She's being kept alive with a machine and no heart.

So that's two organs we need - a heart, a kidney.

In the meantime a young teen gets hit by a car and there's a struggle with the grandmother over organ donation (which we should all do, by the way). The grandma is Susan Sarandon. The doctors handling the case are Dr. Ross and Carol Hathaway. hmmmmm............ do you see where this is going???

So, in the end Carter gets a kidney, the mom gets a heart - I can just hear Somewhere Over the Rainbow playing in the background. Dr. Ross and Carol have no idea that the 'some doctor' that got the kidney was Carter - if only there was a way for them to know that!!! WOW!! Benton is in the OR while Carter gets his kidney - he pretty much saved his life while there. He's there when Carter wakes up. It was great. Just a feel good episode. I don't really even remember what else happened on the episode because I was so wrapped up in the old doctors being there.

I hope there is more to come. Neela is leaving and I think Abby will make an appearance. I'm still hoping for Dr. Lewis to make an appearance. I think when we last saw her she'd gotten married and was pregnant - or already had the baby, I can't remember. I do know that the guy that played her husband on ER is now on Life, along with Adam Arkin from Chicago Hope.

Well, I know this was a meaningless post to anyone who doesn't {heart} ER like I do - but I just wanted to talk about it!! It seems like maybe I don't have anything else to do, huh? Well, not so!!

We've gotten into the house finally. Rosemary took her time getting out!! We got in last Sunday - and her dog and cat were still there though. Anyway, we got in, started peeling wallpaper and by the afternoon Jason's dad had already started prepping the walls for paint. My Monday afternoon there was no wallpaper left. Jason, my mom and I peeled more wallpaper than I ever care to see again in my life. Mom managed to get the border down in Cole's room by herself and it seems it was the easiest room out of them all. I didn't make it over there Tuesday but Wednesday when I got there the living room, den, hall, and master bedroom were done. It looks great!! While we were there, Jason pulled up the carpet and the hardwoods underneath looked really good - like really really good. Hardly any damage. Just a few million staples holding the carpet pad down and nails from the tack strips. So far there isn't any other real damage. This is so great. We really were hoping for hardwoods downstairs and we were getting new carpet upstairs - but hey, we'll take whatever we can get. So now we have hardwoods up the stairs - through the hall and in the three bedrooms. We're hoping by Sunday or Monday they'll be done - clean, shiny and without holes.

I can't wait to move things in. We still need carpet in the living room and den. I'm actually headed out in just a little while to price some more carpet. We've decided to try to get the majority of Cole's toys in his room. He's already talking about how he's going to miss this house - the one we're in now. He'll miss his giant toy room downstairs. I told him last night that we'll still be able to visit since we know who will be living here. I think one visit will get him over it - once he realizes his toys aren't here. We've gone through that with each new home sweet home we've had. When we would go back to Memphis, he wanted to go to our room at the Ronald McDonald House - he just thought it would always be ours. Sweet Boy!!

Anyway - we're ready to pack everything else and move. I think we'll be shooting for the first weekend in April as the BIG move. But in the meantime, we're taking stuff over each day and filling up the garage with boxes and furniture. Jason will not allow the van to drive to Hueytown without it being filled with boxes. I have to admit, I don't fill it up as much as he does when he drives it over but I'm making a dent in the boxes that are already packed, or that were never unpacked and even took some chairs yesterday so we can stop eating in the floor!! I'm going to go find some more boxes and stuff now to take over there today. I hope we'll have a carpet decision today as well. I'm ready to see the carpet replaced so I can really picture our HOME!

I have picked up a few things here and there to decorate with - some new touches. I found some great T's at Hobby Lobby that were a steal - less that $2 a piece!! These will go great with the other T's I have - two that will get painted soon, I hope. I also have a great cross that Cole's teacher gave me. It's so pretty!! It's made out of old wood and metal - just so pretty! I can't wait to hang it. His teacher gave it to me for subbing for her. She's so sweet!!

Okay - I guess I've stalled long enough. Jason will be calling soon I'm sure to check and see what I'm doing!! :) So, off to find boxes to load in the van, then going to look at carpet and unload those boxes, pick up Cole and head back with more boxes probably!! I hope I'll have some pictures soon to post - At least I'll try to take some over the weekend - I wish I'd done more before pictures - we'll see what I have on the memory card!!


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J. said...

Lisa, you guys are always welcome to come over. We'll make sure we invite you over for pizza or a cookout when we get settled back in. The way Maggie and Cole hit it off last time, we will probably need more play dates. We are just absolutely so grateful to you for staying there and taking care of it for us. I'm glad you and Mich have reconnected after all these years. We love ya, Weezie!


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