Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party is tonight!!

We've been in Disney World since Saturday night and have had a wonderful time. I've taken over 500 pictures and we've only been to two parks. We totally skipped Animal Kingdom today. It's not my favorite and we're tired. So we slept in and went to Downtown Disney instead. We've got the party tonight and then Magic Kingdom tomorrow.
Look at this:

Here we are in front at Epcot

And this one is so cool - it looks like Cole is just as small as the toys
and they are standing on Andy's bed - cute cute!
(Toy Story Mania was AwEsOmE)

and this is one of our traditional shots.
We've taken a picture here on every one of our trips.
The other spot we always do a picture by is
the Danny Thomas bust at Hollywood Studios.
He was GONE this time.
Replaced by Bill Cosby.
Fat Albert.
Jello pudding.
Pudding and Fat Albert have made kids smile, sure - but
cure cancer - I don't think so.
Walt's people need to fix this!!
Ok - We've rested enough - we're off to the Grand Floridian for dinner
at the cafe and to see the Giant gingerbread house and then to partay
with MICKEY!!


gimmegodiva said...

Greta pics! Have fun tonight!!!!

gimmegodiva said...

Great pics! Have fun tonight!!

Michelle said...

Oh my gosh. I.AM.LOVING.THE.PHOTOS. How cute is Cole with Woody and Buzz.


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