Monday, December 22, 2008

December Daily BIG Catch Up!!

So I'm not even sure where I left off - I think I got though last Sunday, so here's the rest: (Oh and this is not all the journaling that will be in my book - just a brief bit to jog my memory)

Monday: I wanted a few more lights up in the house - so ..............

Tuesday - Crafting is going on. I have so many ideas for gifts that I want to make. I just wish they were finished by now.

Wednesday - Cole gets new ornaments every year - usually one or two Hallmark ornaments. When he was younger, I picked them out - now he gets to pick!

Thursday - One of my favorite Disney ornaments:

Friday - New Christmas books from the library

Saturday - The van - ready to go to Disney:

Sunday - Our first family shot at EPCOT

Monday - The beautiful Christmas lights at Hollywood Studios

Tuesday - Finally seeing Santa

Wednesday - My favorite picture from our trip.

Thursday - I have no photo at all for Thursday - we were in the car pretty much all day - so I'm just going to journal a little about our trip and include some things that happened that were really funny!

That's all I have uploaded but I want to get my thoughts out for the other photos before I forget!!

Friday - I have a picture of Cole's presents from the Santa Shop at school. He wanted us to open the ones he got us, and the one he got himself - so we did that Friday evening.

Saturday - We finished our Christmas shopping and I have a photo of the stack of gifts waiting to be wrapped.

Sunday - A photo of Cole's new Buzz and Woody ornament. He hung it up as soon as we got home from Grammy and Granddaddy's.

Today's photo will probably be of our Christmas program at church tonight. I can't wait!!

Off to wrap some presents, or do some laundry or finish some Christmas presents!! I have lots to do!


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