Thursday, December 11, 2008

The every growing list of things to do

A little update, just for myself really -

I'm bolding the things I've actually accomplished -

Make a cute camera strap cover (red with white polka dots).
Make my whole album so that all I have to do is add pictures when we get back.
Make a little journal to take with me to journal our days adventures.
Get my nails done - a new set is desperately needed. (doing this today)
Charge my camera batteries.
Wrap presents.
Cut out some Mickey heads to take with us.
Get the oil changed.
Get the car washed and the inside cleaned (it's a bit messy).
Iron all our clothes. (mine are ironed)
Pack what doesn't get ironed. (mine and Cole's are taken care of)
Get back by Scrap Etc to drop off something I forgot and cut some stuff out for a Happy Hour. (doing this today, too)

Wow - I haven't really accomplished much at all, huh?


1 comment:

Virginia said...

Hey- getting stuff packed is a big deal! So that might just be one "item" on the list, but it's a pretty big one. :)

Have fun!


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