Monday, December 1, 2008

It's December 1st

Can you believe it? I can't. The year has gone by so quickly. I can't believe in just 30 days, it'll be a whole NEW YEAR! Wow. So, I'm doing Ali Edwards Daily December album. It's all done and has been for a few weeks - and today is the first day for picture taking and journaling. I don't have enough ink to print my pictures at home every day (I think I'll just print once a week at Walmart), but I can journal and have things ready to go. So today's photo (which I haven't uploaded yet) is of our Days 'til Christmas calendar. We hung it tonight and Cole pointed the tree to 24!! So we're ready to count down. I plan to journal about how much Cole enjoys counting down the days. He was ready to count down before Halloween. I just kept telling him we had to wait until December - so now it's officially here and we can start. I was reading Monique's blog today and their countdown to Christmas is adorable. I wish I'd done something similar in Cole's room - I think he would have loved it. Oh well - maybe next year. But, then again - I wonder if I have enough to do 12 days? Hmmmm........I'll have to go check out our socks and mitten and gloves and see what I have. :)

Well, Cole is asking for a turn on the computer - so I guess I should share. I have a project I should go finish up anyway. I'll be back tomorrow with some picture of some layouts and maybe my first two December Daily pictures!!

later, lisa

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