Wednesday, December 3, 2008

December Daily catch up!!

I've got three pictures taken - and it's day three - so WOW - I'm doing good, huh? Here they are:

Here's our countdown - Cole enjoys checking to see how many days we have left. We had two, so this one actually ended up going to his classroom and we have a different one hanging up at home now.

Okay I had to edit this one - it's better now, it was a bit too dark - we're reading Winnie the Pooh's Christmas.

and today's picture this is my favorite little spot right now. We used to have these wreaths hanging on our house in Mobile - outside in the shape of a tree. We didn't use them last year and I thought this spot would be the perfect place for them!!

I haven't taken a great photo of Cole yet for a Christmas card but I really want to. I'm going to try to get one Saturday - I have a cute idea and hope it works out!! We'll see!! Once it's officially the card and done - I'll post it here. But you know - I've had good intentions before when it comes to Christmas cards - so anything could happen really. We'll see!!




rebekah said...

LOVE your coundown clock!!! SO cute and creative!!

Jeremiah said...

I love love the wreaths....too cute. BTW, I had a patient last night named Cole. :) Oh, and this says it's Jeremiah, but it's Monique, I'm too lazy to log out and log back in. :)


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