Tuesday, December 2, 2008

December Daily: Day 2 and a bit more

Okay - still haven't uploaded photos, but it's on the list for tomorrow. I haven't taken a picture yet today - but I have a plan for one. I want to take a picture of me and Cole reading our Christmas book for the evening. That's something we've just started this year - well, we've always read books, especially Christmas ones, but this year I'm trying to read one every night - at least every night that I lay down with him before bed. When it's Dad's turn - they read lots of Toy Story stories. Anyway - I want to document this new tradition and how we go to the library and look for new Christmas books.

I started thinking about what other things I want to remember to capture during the 25 days of my album. Now I'm wondering what to do when we go to Disney. Not much of our time there will be Christmas related - I mean, it'll be all decorated Christmasy and Santa will be there - but we won't have the same things going on that we would have at home during the same time. So, I'm wondering what I'll do there. And that made me start thinking about the next set of Disney photos. I still don't have the last set in an album. The album is complete - but the pics aren't in it. I did title pages for each theme park - so it's ready to go. Then I started thinking about this next trip and what I would do with those pictures. I hope to do a quick album before our trip so that all I have to do when we get back is print pictures and put them in the album. I've done a 12 x 12 scrapbook for our first trip, an 8.5 x 11 of the second trip, a three-up photo only album with divider pages of the third trip (the one with no pics in it) and now I think instead of doing it by theme park - I'm going to do it by day. I mean, it would still be by theme park since we won't hit more than one park a day (except one on specific day). So I think I'll do a section for each day - the first day, driving there and seeing the resort since it's one we haven't been to before, then the second, third, fourth and fifth days (which are all in parks), then the last day - returning home. I cut some pockets out with the Accucut machine at SE today so I'll have a spot to put our tickets and other little things I always hold on to. I also want to have a few more family pictures this time - the three of us. We rarely get them. We have a few we always take - one by the Pooh store at Downtown Disney, one by the Danny Thomas head at Hollywood Studios and then one of Cole with me and then with Jason, in Minnie's house. I want to get a few this time of the three of us in front of the castle and maybe in line for our favorite rides. I'll need to get my dad to help me out with that this time. You'd think with 8 of us on our last trip, I would have a few shots of us together, but I don't have many. I just tend to not ask anyone to take our picture - crazy huh?

I hope tomorrow's December Daily picture will be of Cole writing a letter to Santa asking for an Elf to come visit us. He's not ready to write it tonight so I hope tomorrow will be the night - another new thing for us!!

Oh, and on a side note - my left foot is old. Older than it should be, apparently. I went to the foot doctor today because it's been bothering me a lot lately and wanted to get it checked out. Well, there's nothing wrong really - not stress fracture, no torn or sprained anything. But apparently my metatarsals are exposed more than they should be. Like, it should be a couple of decades before my foot is in that condition. So, I guess my foot is just old. So, it seems like I have a little arthritis in my left foot. Which maybe that's why it hurt so much recently - you know, cold weather, rain - all that stuff. Weird!!

Ok, that's enough from me - I've been rambling.

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