Monday, December 8, 2008

December Daily - I've lost count!!

I think I'm up to date - but I didn't get to put anything in my album yet. That is making me a little nuts!! I want it done!

This was Thursday's picture - Cole dictated what he wanted his letter to say, but after doing all his homework, he didn't want to write it himself!

This is what we left Thursday night for Santa:

This is what Cole got Friday morning:

Took these pictures in the freezing cold Saturday - I planned this long list of pictures I wanted to take, including a family shot. I had the tri-pod, Alabama football props, and hair spray - what more could I need? Well, apparently, I would need a bathroom, too - Cole had to potty, so we had to leave and rush home. But luckily - I got these:

And then I made my Christmas Cards and took a picture of that yesterday:

I made three different versions, but only remembered to take this one picture. But, that's ok!! And you know, I didn't even make an extra for my album - I guess I'll try to do that today, too. I want to have a copy for us!!

Ok - I'm off to make some calls, clean up a bit and head to Scrap Etc. I've got to drop off some stuff for the Open House Lucy is having Saturday - if you are in the area - you should check it out! Oh - and the next Event has been announced - check it all out here: Scrap Etc.



HoweverAlthough said...

You know I love that card! PRECIOUS!

Scrappinwendi said...

That card is so stinkin cute!! I am leaving my cards to Walmart photo center this year. LOL!

leateach said...

OMGoodness! I love your cards! Thats is to cute! :)

Elizabeth Bailey said...

What a cute card.


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