Saturday, November 20, 2010

Getting ready for Christmas

I'm hoping that we'll get the Christmas tree up this weekend!  I can't wait.  It's way past time for the decorations to be out!  I love decorating for Christmas. 

The last few years, we've moved a lot.  We left Mobile and moved to an apartment in Hoover.  We then moved to a house in Hoover.  And then finally we bought our house here.  So for the last three Christmas's I've had a new place to decorate.  That's always fun.  I love to find new places to put up my favorite things.  This year is really no different.  No, we didn't move again.  We moved some rooms around though.  A couple of months ago we decides to rearrange two of our rooms.  To begin with, we had a living room, to the left of our foyer. Through the living room, was a dining area.  Not a dedicated room, but a space that seemed to by okay for a dining room table.  Then as you walk through the foyer, straight ahead is another area we used as a den for Cole.  walking through it you get to the kitchen.  The den and kitchen take up the same amount of space as the dining area and living room.   The den area has some light fixtures that never really made sense in the layout of the rooms.  They weren't centered and seemed to just be in the wrong places.  We finally decided to put the dining room table in the den - and it seems to fit there better now.  We moved the den furniture into the living room and now have a little more seating there.

I love it.

The real purpose of this was to have room for our Christmas trees.  Yes, I said TREES!!  We got new furniture earlier this year and had no room for a tree.  With this new arrangement, we can put a tree in the living room sitting area, right in front of the window.  That's where it should be, after all.  We can also put a smaller tree in the dining room.  I love love love it.  I picked up a white Christmas tree last year after Christmas with the intentions of doing an all Alabama Tree.  Yes, we are those fans.  So now my dining room is sort of a Bama dining room.  We have our collectible Bama pieces on my baker's rack, along with all my Bama serving pieces.  I just love it.

I couldn't wait until Christmas to put up the Bama tree though.  It's there already and ready to glow!!  Check it out:

And my tree topper:


And a few favorite ornaments - A Mickey head, an Alabama A, and Houndstooth:

And my very favorite addition to the Bama room:

I would take a picture of the whole room so you could see things like this:

and this:

But I can't because of this:

I also have this but haven't found a spot for it:

So, there you have it - the Bama room - maybe later this weekend I can get an entire shot of the room!

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