Tuesday, July 1, 2008

check out the new look

I had tons of brushes and images saved on our old computer and just haven't made the time to get them to this computer. I did it this afternoon and made a new banner and some other goodies for my blog. I really wish I could do a whole background, but I'm not sure how to do that - the whole HTML thing. Anyway................I should have been making bracelets (Mandy, don't hate me) or tshirts or one of the million of other things I've got on my TO-DO list!! So this evening, I'll be bracelet making and tomorrow hopefully tshirt making.

Bad news - the long term sub position I was hoping for got filled. That really stinks. Good news - a school I interviewed with last year has an opening this year - and I think my interview went rather well, even though I obviously didn't get the job (I was the last person he interviewed) so I'm hoping he'll recognize the name and see my application and call me!! It's down the street from my granny's old house. I need a job, badly. SO if I don't get a position - I'm between a rock and a hard place. If I get a 'real' job that isn't a teaching job, we'll have to pay for after school care. So I'd have to make enough money to cover that. If I keep subbing, I won't be in a 'permanent' position so my income won't be looked at when we're ready to buy a house. So here's ME - between a rock and a hard place!!

So, that's all for me - wow - two posts in a day!! Off to work on one of a million things............


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