Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Kenny Details

Ok - here we go! First, we headed out to Atlanta - the bad news is we knew it would be raining. So we drove and drove through the pouring rain at about 40 miles per hour. We finally got to the hotel and went ahead and checked in. We knew we'd probably miss one act - but it was still raining pretty badly. We actually didn't know who was playing first - so we didn't know who we were missing. Turns out it was Gary Allan - and I really wanted to see him. We heard the last song - which happened to be "Songs about Rain" - how appropriate huh? LeAnne Rimes was next and she did a great job. She had a lot more hits than I remembered, too. Sammy Hagar was next. He started out with "I can't drive 55" which was just about the only song by him I remembered. We did get a Van Halen flashback with "Dreams" which was fantastic!! Most of his other stuff I didn't know AT ALL!! Brooks and Dunn came out and they were really great. I wish they could have given us about another half hour!! Finally Kenny came out and it was everything I expected!! The songs are always great. He did sing a few things I'd never seen in concert - a new song from the latest CD - "Wild Ride" - I loved it. He also sang "Be As You Are" - he said he'd only performed it one other time so that was a big treat. The only thing we didn't get was Uncle Kracker - but it was okay - instead we had Jennifer Nettles from Sugarland. That made Jason's night - he loves her.

It was a really really long day - we got there at 4:30 and left right before 12 - the longest concert I've been to since X-fest back in 1997, I think!! WOW

You know there are always some drunk rednecks in the audience and we saw a good bit of them. It was pretty entertaining. I mean the music live is always a great thing but the people are pretty entertaining.

The guy sitting next to us has met Kenny once and said he was a really great guy (Well, of course) and he's met Jennifer Nettles, so Jason got a kick out of that. His wife's family has a place on the same island as Kenny and she's seen him down there many times and he's just that normal guy - hanging out!! I would love to see that!!

Ok - that's all for now. I'll post some more pictures soon - I have to go through them all!

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