Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A few pictures........

We're on the way out the door to head to vacation bible school but I wanted to take my camera with me and needed to get Kenny pics uploaded first. So here's a few to hold you over until I can give a full recap.

I got some good one, some blurry ones, and some terrible ones. I just couldn't get the settings right once it was dark and spotlights started getting in my way. I wish Kenny had been out during the day - my pics would be so much better!!

LeAnne Rimes was really great!!

Sammy Hagar was ok - lots of what he did I didn't know - but he did Dreams (from his Van Halen days and it was GREAT)

not so great self portrait!

Brooks and Dunn were REALLY good, but I didn't get many good photos.

And here's Kenny!

more later,

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3QTGUYS said...

How cute are you in your hat! I love it!


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