Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Clear Scans, The Jonas Brothers and where in the world was iCarly??

So - clear scans! We got the word this afternoon and then pretty much headed home, so there was no time to update.

Yesterday we saw the Jonas Brothers - OH YEAH! They were two feet away from us and I took a few pictures - but didn't get one with Cole - he wasn't interested because word on the street was that the one and only Miranda Cosgrove was there - somewhere - and he {HEARTS} her - but not the real her - the iCarly her - but he won't admit it anymore because we've been teasing him for weeks. He watches her show all the time. She was there, along with the kid from Two and a half men - we missed them both. Jason had gone to get a drink from the cafe and we were in X-Ray having an X-Ray done of Cole's left hand. You would think that iCarly would be way more important than an X-Ray - but the X-Ray guy must not have known, or he would have let us wait to see her. Oh well - maybe next time. I HATE that he missed her and he was so very bummed. But the Jonas Bros were cool to see. He's not a huge fan, but Hey - that's ok - we have their pictures anyway!!

So, I'm really tired and grumpy from being in the car so long and being away from the computer for so long. I'm off to read some blogs, have some caffeine free diet dr pepper (I know, what's the point, right) and unpack!

later - oh, thanks for the prayers - we needed them and appreciated them oh so much!

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