Thursday, July 3, 2008

crafty things, and fourth of july fun

Last night we headed to church for the fun evening festivities. We had an amazing worship service and then they had hot dogs, snow cones, cotton candy and more out on the lawn afterwards. Cole had a little 'come apart' over the pending fireworks and was pouting, crying and stressing over it - so we left right before the big show. I hate that we missed it. And I hate that we had to leave - I had my camera all ready for firework shots and I wanted a picture of the three of us together - and I was hoping to get a shot of me, Monique and Carol all together. Monique snapped a picture of me and Carol though - so hopefully that one will make it's way to me (hint hint Monique).

Today I was reading some blogs and email. Jackie emailed me a link to this blog and I found this one. I proceeded to read every single post and I immediately wanted to go to Hobby Lobby and buy fabric and stuff. What fun!! Her site is amazing - she makes great things - gorgeous things - that I just wish I could make.

My mom came by this morning to deliver the barbq for tomorrow. So, we were chatting, she complimented my shirt, which I did that cute reverse applique on. Then I went and got three other shirts I had reverse appliqued and showed them off a bit. Then I decided what to do for my pink shirt - an owl!!! cute huh? well, you wouldn't know yet, since I haven't posted a picture of it - but I will. So, I used the stripy fabric from the June scripts kit and an owl that I had cut out at Scrap Etc with the accucut as a pattern. It's cute. I think the owlie needs a branch to sit on though - so I'm hunting some brown fabric, or an old brown tshirt I can repurpose. Then I thought a cupcake would be super cute. I only have one tshirt left though - and it's white - so it may be cute for a cupcake instead of the Kenny shirt I was planning. I'm not sure yet. I wish I had about 50 more tshirts. SERIOUSLY. I also wanted a brown tshirt and I wanted to use the blue/white/brown fabric from the Scripts kit and do some leaves and branches. Hmmm, I think I need to make my way to Target next to hunt tshirts. I've got all the good colors walmart had so it's time to look elsewhere I think. I would also love to make a cute little tee for my little cousin Corwin - something in white and baby blue - they call him their little prince so how cute would that be?? a crown? :)

Ok, off to fold some laundry and get a few things done for tomorrow. and contemplate more tshirts.


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Scrappinwendi said...

Alright I need to know how to make these reverse applique t-shirts. Where did you learn how to do this. You are becoming quite the dometicated diva LOL!


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