Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happy Hump Day

Or happy Windsday, if you are a Pooh fan. I've been playing on the computer this morning while Cole been playing on the Wii. I made a new playlist - hope you enjoy the flashbacks. :)

And finally here's some photos. Here are the shirts I've been making:

I'm missing one - I think I was wearing it when I took these pictures! The pink is an owl (with no eyes - I've got to add some button eyes), the green is the butterfly, blue is stars for the fourth and the black one is a skull and tiara. I picked up some iron on bling to add to that one, but haven't yet. I still haven't done the Kenny shirt - and the concert is Sunday - so I'll be working on that very soon. I had to wash the shirt first - so it's in the dryer now and I may get to start it this afternoon.

Cole and I have been playing school a bit. We did some math stuff Monday and spent hours (it seemed) at the library yesterday picking out some great books. This afternoon we're going to read - a lot!! I'm not sure what else - he loves this math book he picked out and wants to just do every page but he doesn't read the directions so he tends to just guess at what to do, then we have to erase and start again. So, now I don't let him just go wild in it, he has to wait for my directions. Very teacher-ish huh? :)

Here's a few other recent pics! One of Cole and an apple from the back yard - he picked it himself. Another is the dessert I made with previously mentioned apple. YUMMY!

And here is sweet Corwin - isn't he adorable?

And here is Cole - I'm hoping I get this right - he's dressed as a pirate, cowbow, safari boy, photographer, guitar player. I'm pretty sure there's something else thrown in there. He just kept coming back in the living room with another hat on, or another prop to add to his 'costume'! Silly Boy!

And lastly:

the rainbow of cars. The toy room was spotless - very very clean and neat and then Jason and Cole decided to get ALL Cole's Disney Pixar Cars out. Well, we couldn't find all of them. Tongue McQueen is missing - not sure where he's hiding. A few others we couldn't find as well. So, then Jason started getting out all the car - hot wheels, matchbox - all that stuff. Well, I decided it would be fun to see them all lined up - so we did a rainbow of cars and here it is - this is about 7 feet long and a little over a foot wide. The boy has too many cars. We found four still in the packaging and one box of about 8 that he got for Christmas and never opened (oops). Can you believe this kid thinks he needs more toys? :)

Well, that's all for me - off to do some laundry and sing 'Never Gonna Give You Up' in my head the rest of the day. Which, by the way, is better than Miranda Lambert's "Gunpowder and Lead" that I've been singing for two days now!!

later, lisa


Creating Memories said...

I love the shirts you have made. I'm working on one for Savannah right now. I made that same apple dessert this weekend! Wow, that is a lot of cars!!

jackie said...

Lisa, your t-shirts are awesome! I'm glad you showed photos because I couldn't figure out what a "reverse" applique was - very cool! In case you don't know about this online t-shirt store with fab prices, I will send you the link later.
Your new banner looks great! You are so creative and I'd love to see some of your scrapbook layouts!
The apple dessert looks so yummy - I'd love the recipe!


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