Monday, April 26, 2010

Week in the Life - Monday - for real this time

I know everyone (if there's anyone reading) isn't overly excited about our day - it's just easier for me to keep up this way!!

Okay - the last post was Week in the Life - Sunday!
Here's Monday:

Cole's juice, pill, and muffins:

Time to wake him up:

A little cartoon time before getting ready:

Peeking to see if his ride is on the way:

My breakfast, Diet Dr Pepper and laptop:

flat iron time:

crafting time:

ran in here:

then had this waiting for dismissal:

The view from my car window:

Cole unpacks his backpack and leaves me this everyday:

More crafting time:

A little Grey's:

Jason finished cutting the grass and brought me these:

Homework time:

Jason playing on the computer:

more crafting - i seem to do that a lot:

Cole puts on his pj shirt backwards two or three times a week:

carpet angels:

I think Optimus Prime is checking Cole's work:

Aw, sweet sleep is on the way:

Sadly - Sleep wasn't that great - the last three nights I've had a hard time sleeping - just feel super sleepy and then twenty minutes later, i'm wide awake! Boo!!


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