Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I feel terrible!!

I've neglected the blog for almost a whole month! Sorry!!! I'm not anyone has actually missed me posting - it's not like anyone emailed and said "hey, blog already" but I'd like to think that blog land missed me a teeny bit maybe?? Maybe not. Oh well!

Not tons of interesting things have kept me away from the blog - just tons of everyday things. Our laptop is in the shop so I haven't spent much time on the computer. The working computer is in Jason's office in the garage and I just don't venture down there too often. I need to catch up on lots of computer time, but haven't had a chance. I'm subbing through the end of the school year too - so that's one more thing keeping me occupied.

Let's see - what happened this last month? Oh, some of Jason's family came up for the A Day game. We spent a fun day in Tuscaloosa then just went home and crashed pretty much. The kids played, the guys played and us girls chatted about Days of Our Lives and Twilight. Fun Times.

Oh - the big thing that happened was the Scrap Etc 2009 Event - Wishful Thinking. I really want to do a whole post on it - it deserves it. I haven't uploaded my pictures yet - haven't had the time so I'll do that and then do a good long blog post. It was really a ton of fun!! I enjoyed every second - well I didn't enjoy the end - you know, the part where it's all over and then the leaving - didn't enjoy that. I was anxious to get back home to Jason and Cole but we just really had a good time. I love hanging out with the girls and getting to know people better. It was really fun.

Now we're just counting down until the end of the school year. I've applied for several jobs - and am praying each day that I get one. It would really be wonderful if I could get a job here in Cole's school. He could stay and not have to change schools, but more importantly - I'd have a job!! That would be nice.

Speaking of Cole, 5 minutes left in my lunch break, then I get to go get him for a little one on one classroom time!

More coming soon!


Michelle said...

About time you posted. I've been waiting for weeks! :P

Virginia said...

I missed you! :) I always lurk- I may not always comment, but I notice when you don't blog! :)


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