Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy Last Full Day of School

WOW - the school year has flown by! I can't believe today is the last full day. The kids get out tomorrow at 1 and then 11 on Thursday. I was in Cole's room this morning delivering cookies for their Book Buddy party tomorrow and dropping on his game for Game Day and the principal came to find me (that's usually not a good thing, right?). So she says there's a team that wants to interview me. WOW! Talk about needing a heads up. Of course, I said I could do it whenever and would be happy to talk with them. So at 10:00 I headed to the conference room. Nice interview. I hope I answered everything well. It's been two years since I graduated and I really feel like I've forgotten a few things - I don't feel 100% confident I guess. But, I hope that I came across as someone who knows what she's talking about.

Keep your fingers and toes and anything else you can think of crossed for me!! I really really really really (am I stressing the importance here) need a job - want a job. I mean - I feel like I am supposed to be in a classroom. I feel like this school is the place for me. I like the teachers, I love the kids, I want to be here. And the position is really in the grade level I love the most - so I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that they liked me - they'll decide quickly and want me for their team.

I'm already thinking of ways to decorate my classroom - is that nuts? probably so!

Okay - I know there are a ton of things I was going to blog about and I still haven't. Here's a recap:

May 1st and 2nd - The Wishful Thinking Event - it was awesome!! I really can't tell you enough how much fun it was, how stress-less it was, how great it was - how I can't wait for another event. I really think it's fun to attend these events, but honestly, I love working them, too - it's really been fun to be behind the scenes and help pull the whole thing together. Lucy did an awesome job at this event. I'm ready for the next one already!!

May 14th - Kenny Chesney concert - it was great. This was my 6th time to see him. I'm starting to feel a little like I did about Disney after our second trip - I'm ready to see something different. We'd seen the same Christmas parade two years in a row and said we wouldn't go back until it was different - last time we went (last Christmas, it was different, so that was great). With Kenny - there are things you expect - you expect him to bring someone out to sing with him - a surprise guest. That didn't happen this year, so I was a little disappointed. I love seeing the dynamic of him performing with someone else. I love 'Back Where I Come From' and he didn't sing it. That hurt. It's my all time fave. I mean - I loved the original back in the day - I love Kenny's version now. But, it wasn't there and sadly just made it feel incomplete. The opening acts where great - Miranda Lambert brought out her man - Blake Shelton. We've seen him before and really love his music - so that was a nice surprise. Overall, I'm tired of the outdoor shows - I'm ready to see Kenny next year, inside - it's just better. Better light show, better special effects. Just Better. We may have to take a break from next years tour - like we took a break from Christmas in Disney. Then maybe I'll appreciate Kenny more the next time around!!

We are heading to Mobile this weekend to see the family. We're planning lunch on Sunday at LuLu's - I can't wait for this!! I love LuLu's!! It's just the best food - the best atmosphere. Can't wait for that! Jason has Tuesday off, so it'll be a nice long weekend. Hopefully I'll know about the job situation before then though. I hate waiting.

Speaking of waiting - I have a friend who's child is sick - something mysterious, but could be something super simple - we just don't know yet. So please pray for this sweet girl and that everything is really okay!! Pray that her mom isn't super stressed!! I've been a stressed mom before and it's not fun!

Okay - lunch break is over - but my dang headache will not go away. Advil and Sinus meds - nothing is touching it!!



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You mentioned 4th or 5th grade....are they creating another unit or is someone leaving? I'm curious because J will be in 5th grade next year....:)


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