Saturday, May 30, 2009

Happy Saturday

I've been a cleaning fool today. The living area (kitchen, dining room, den and living room) are super clean and Cole's room is pretty spotless. Still haven't tackled our room or the guest room, or the bathroom - wow, I didn't really accomplish much I guess - well, I'm half way there!

We're just hanging out at home. Going out tonight to hear a friend's band (haven't done that in about 11 years) and then tomorrow I'll be in baby heaven - at a baby shower! I can't wait!! Okay, so I really just blogged to see if my signature would show up and stay. I just made this one really quick and will have to do something else, I'm sure - but hey, tell me if you like it and maybe I won't change it!


Michelle said...

I think that your siggy is really cute. How did you do that?

Elizabeth said...

I think it is too cute!


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